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Romantic Personality Types

By on November 16, 2009

Each person is romantic in different ways. Based on individual personality, people have unique ideas about what romance is and what they expect out of romantic relationships. There are many schools of thought who have developed various categorizations for romantic personality types. But the history of romantic love can be dated back to Ancient Greece. Their definitions of love had distinctive meanings and were broadly classified into agape, eros, storge (philos), ludus, pragma and mania. Based on these definitions and further research, people were then categorized into the following romantic personality types:

•    Agape – These kinds of lovers are very intense and dedicated. They will go to extents to sacrifice for their partners rather than let their lovers suffer. They have very high tolerance levels and are happy when their partners are happy.

•    Eros – People under this category are intense, passionate and commit completely. They are very romantic and expect similar levels of commitment, intensity and passion from their partners. Though they may seem overbearing, they possess a striking personality.

•    Ludus – If you are a kind of a person who likes to flirt and evade emotionally intense relationships, you will come under this personality type. These types of people usually find it difficult to commit and believe in light affairs. They prefer short term connections rather than long term commitments.

•    Mania – Highly emotional, dependent and possessive would summarize these personality types. They are extremely strong lovers and tend to have lower self-esteem leading to characteristics such as possessiveness, suspicion and dissatisfaction. This in turn makes them to be highly aggressive at times.

•    Pragma – opposite of the ‘ludus’ personality type, people who are ‘pragma’ personality types are highly level-headed or pragmatic. They give thought to decisions and actions they make and prefer a stable, long term relationship. They have a tendency to seek compatible attributes in a partner and therefore prefer serious, long lasting relationships.

•    Storge – refers to those people who feel love is a pure connection that is built on friendship, care and respect. They have genuine feelings about love and never like to hasten the pace of a relationship. Their consider love sanctimonious and though it may take a while for love to develop, once it happens it is everlasting.

Gaining an understanding into romantic personality types will help in knowing yourself better, about your expectations and what kind of person you wish to develop a relationship or connection. No matter which school of thought whether ancient Greek or modern theories, personality types are unique to each person and generalizations need not necessarily be accurate. It is best to know what kind of personality you are and follow instincts that will invariably lead you to a compatible romantic partner.