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Sebaceous Cysts

By on December 16, 2008

Sebaceous cysts are formed due to excess secretion of sebum the natural oil of the skin. These cysts lie underneath the skin in the form of sac. They are white oily, semisolid sebum. These cysts can become red and can be of great discomfort to the affected person. Such kind of cysts can be found in the labia, back, chest, scalp and the scrotum. But they can get formed to other parts of the body too.

How the cysts develop?
Such cysts can be found mostly in the teenagers. They undergo numerous hormonal changes. Puberty is the time when due to hormones the bacteria as well as the natural oil sebum further produces more oil. This blocks the hair follicles and causes clogged pores. This leads to the eruption of sebaceous cysts.

Reasons for sebaceous cysts
Some kinds of acne problem run in families. If the parent or the sibling suffers from a severe condition then there are chances that the person may also develop acne. This kind of problem is observed to be common among the Caucasian Americans. The Asians and the African Americans have this problem less common.

The conditions can get aggravated if improper make up products are used. These further clogs the skin pores. also the irregularity of menstrual cycles can make the androgen hormone more sensitive. The freely suspended particles of air and pollution will further enhance the problem. Infected hair can also increase the problem.

Prevention Tips
The only way is by maintaining proper health and hygiene one can control the problem. The make up product that is being used should be non greasy. Follow regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing, exfoliating routine. Use the non-comedogenic products as it will not clog the pores. Try to protect the skin from sun and greasy surroundings.

Usually the cysts may disappear if they are small. One can also treat them by packs of nutmeg, garlic, honey, cinnamon, peel of orange and sandalwood. These will soothe the skin and also will check the excess production of the sebum.