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Sex and Thinking of Men and Women

By on March 26, 2009

Relationships are a mutual process and enjoyed at best when both the partners and couples equally chip in with their respective shares. Sex forms the foundation for relationships and strengthens the bond further. Without a powerful and enriching sex, relationships are almost hard to maintain till the eternity. Men and women have entirely different approaches for sex and relationships. Men assume fiercely while women get into these acts to give and take their shares.

Men give sex their utmost importance; women always seek emotional connect above anything else. Thinking plays its part and takes relationships for where they’ve been destined. Men experience incredible pressure for sex, as they’re rated as the one who’s to lead and leave the partner wishing and craving for more. Performing sexually always gets their biggest concern, and even they relish this incredible pressure and always endeavor to come out victorious at this pretty specific front.

A marriage will have entirely different meaning for both the partners. Men will seek sexual satisfaction; women won’t tolerate not being connected alongside the enriching act. Men wait marriage to prove their potency; women anticipate a perfect blend of sex and emotional touch. And that’s the biggest difference a relationship experience from its founders. Waiting marriage for only sex clearly defines men and their subsequent thinking and approach for a relationship.

It’s all about the thinking, as men intensely wish to get married to satisfy their partner. They are put on a test, while women don’t suffer so much acute pressure for sex. And seeing a far more relaxed woman partner is a common sight for sex activities. Men will always have the biggest chunk, they assume so, or modeled to assume the same. And women got to be of receptive nature, as they might have been told to behave this and that for sex and relationships.

Thus, at the same time, a relationships observes two unique creatures who’re performing all the acts, but with a different mind-set and vision. This all leaves men to behave like a wild herd, while women thus are left only with little or almost no choices to show.