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Signs Of A Manipulative Man

By on September 9, 2011

Manipulative ManManipulation can be counted among the most dangerous things that a man can possess in himself. Manipulation can be described as a form of mental abuse which affects the emotional health of the victim. A manipulative man tries to get advantage in his desired way by manipulating the woman he is in a relationship with. Not only that, the advantage that a manipulative man derives out of the manipulation is always at the cost of the woman’s happiness and well being.

If you are in a relationship with a man who has a manipulative nature then all you can expect from such relationship is trouble and pain. So as soon as you observe any manipulative tendency in the man, it is advised to severe your ties with him and change the direction of your life.The signs of a manipulative man are mentioned here to help you notice and find out the true nature of your man.

Common Signs Of A Manipulative Man

He Plays Mind Games With You

Mind games can be of various kinds. He may emotionally blackmail you for getting things done his way. He may make himself seem miserable, depressed or suicidal just to retain you.

Mind Games

He may make himself available for you always, make you habituated of him and his time and then go missing when you decline to follow his way.

Isolates You From Your World

He may use different means to keep you away from your close ones like your family and friends. He may directly stop you from meeting them or may create a negative notion about them in your mind so that you yourself don’t want to see them. He may slowly make himself so important for you that you start considering him your world, someone who is indispensable for you.

Uses Money To Gain Control Over You

Initially he would pamper you by showering lots of gifts and giving expensive treats. He may make you financially dependent on him.


Once he achieves to do that and finds you are already used to the lavish lifestyle he would simply stop spending on you when you do not act as per his wish.

Blames You And Makes You Feel Guilty

He loves to play the blame game and blames you for everything that goes wrong, even if it is his fault. He may treat you badly, argue or fight with you, or simply make you realize that all is your fault.

Blames You

He makes you believe that all indeed is your fault and thus makes you feel guilty.

Likes To Be The “Master”

He may start taking all decisions on your behalf. What you should wear, what you should eat, with whom you should talk, how you should behave with certain people, etc are always decided by him. He can get into an argument for that and usually rests only when he has defeated you in the fight. He may also be a bully and may resort to direct threats to make you act as per his wish.

Acts “Mr. Nice” To Get His Way

He becomes extremely affectionate towards you and speaks to you with sugar coated words when he wants you to do some particular thing for him.

Mr. Nice

He may also use the weapon of compliments to get some particular job done by you.

Dishonors Your Limits

He disregards your comfort zone and limitations and urges you to do what he expects from you or wants from you.

Avoids Any Direct Confrontation About Manipulating

Any direct confrontation about his being manipulative will meet with a simple denial. He would not want to discuss the matter thereafter. But if you insist on a discussion, he will be at his defensive best and at the end will force you to feel guilty of thinking and accusing him of being manipulative.