Snoring can reduce the learning capability of kids

Doctors generally opine that, people who snore are more susceptible to other health hazard. Among the kids too children who snore are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, in their adulthood. A lot many studies and researches have been done in this context. But a new study states that, snoring can lessen and diminish the ability to learn in kids. This disorder can damage the learning capability of kids to a large extent.

The study was conducted in Britain; it was found that the kids who snore while sleeping actually are damaging their ability to concentrate on studies. This happens due to the irregular breathing, during the night time, and it inhibits the mental development of the kids.

The study, observation and analysis were done with two groups of children’s. Their findings were based while analyzing the two groups of kids, one consisted of the snorers and the other group consisted of the non-snorer group.  The researchers compared the attentive span of kinds and their brain activity of both these groups. The study was also reported in the British newspaper the Independent. The study was also presented in the European Sleep Research Society Congress.

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