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Texting Games For Couples

By on August 24, 2011

Texting Games For CouplesRelationships must always be alive and in its complete vibe. With time the bond shared between the couple slowly fades out. The couple gradually loses interest from one another. The governing factor behind the problem is the lack of time that both can share together. The business in the day to day life in workplace and even at home is the main reason behind it. There are some common tricks that need to be incorporated in order to ensure that there is sufficient closeness that needed in a relationship.

Flirting is one such way to revive the aesthetic sense of falling in love again and again with the same person. It is a tool which is quite effective in maintaining a fresh relation irrespective of years of commitment together. One of the most appropriate ways of flirting with your respective partner is to play texting games together. These types of games are helpful in withholding the level of excitement and intimacy in the relation. Texting games are favorable when there is distance between the two partners.

Various Texting Games For Couples

Game Of ’20 Questions’

It is a very interesting game that can be played through text messages over the phone. In the game, one partner thinks of different names of person, thing or a place. Then he needs to ask 20 questions associated with each name. The other partner needs to answer the question in a ‘no’ or a ‘yes’ to earn points from each correct answer.

Game Of ’20 Questions’

Romantic questions can be asked to enjoy playing such games. Topics can be the next probable date of dining together or the guessing of the surprise gift that is planned. The questions must be very interesting to answer and creative in its idea such that the other one takes sufficient interest in answering such questions.

Truth And Dare Game

The game of truth or dare is a game where one needs to select truth or dare for answering a question by the other partner. When distance is there, generally ‘truth’ is selected for exploring your partner more and more.

If ‘dare’ is selected, an action needs to be performed or enacted which is daring in nature. The acts can be clicked and sent to the partner as an evidence of action of ‘dare’. The questions or the ‘dare’ activities must revolve around the love that is shared in the relationship.

Hunt For Romantic Goodies

This is another popular texting game that can be played in order to cherish the feeling of falling in love with the same person again. Each partner of the respective couple enlists 10 to 20 romantic items that the other partner needs to hunt in his close proximity, click it down and send it to the partner in a fixed span of time.

Romantic Goodies

The partner who seeks maximum number of goods in that time span wins the game. Some of the common items that can be enlisted for scavenging in ‘romantic hunt’ can be inclusive of decorative candles, chocolates, cards, any particular brand of dress, perfume, bouquet of flowers, jewelries, pair of shoes and many more. It is a real fun tool to play such texting games for your love relationship.