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The Best Breast Enlargement Exercises

By on September 23, 2010

Breast Enlargement ExercisesIt has been proven that exercising alone does not increase your breast cup size but it helps increase your muscles giving the illusion of bigger breasts. There are several good exercises that can give you the illusion of fuller and bigger breasts. By knowing the best breast enlargement exercises available, you can for sure improve the appearance of your bust.

There are a couple of breast exercises recommended for those looking to improve or enhance their breast area. Caution should be taken when doing the exercises to make sure that you do not end up straining your muscles the wrong way causing more harm than good. Let us look at some exercises which may be good for you.


This kind of exercise is common with people seeking to be muscular but can mean bigger breasts for women. When doing this exercise, make sure you focus on the pectoral region rather than shoulders and biceps. Lie down with your stomach on the floor, bend your knees and cross your ankles. Place your hands before your shoulders when you are bending elbows.


Keeping your arms tight and straight be sure to lift your body using your palms as well as your knees. Then let your face tuck to the floor keeping your spine straight and let your elbows bend to maintain a parallel body position with that of the floor. Now push the whole body upwards and repeat the exercise for several times.

Incline Press Exercise

This exercise is done using a board that is inclined. Rest your body on the board making sure your upper neck area is propped as well as your shoulders and neck. You can support it using a pillow and bend your elbows sideways to a right angle matching your body.

Incline Press Exercise

Make sure your body is kept straight. Lift the weights up till they touch the front side of the chest. Bring elbows back pressing them to the initial position. You can do the procedure 3 times.

Pectoral Muscles Exercise

This is one of the best breast enlargement exercises known. It concentrates on the pectoral muscles which support your breasts increasing them in mass, hence pushing your breasts outwards. The push gives your breasts a fuller and much bigger look.

For pectoral muscle exercise hold weights weighing not more than five pounds in both hands. Standing on your knees, bend your body keeping your back straight and tight. Let your elbows bend at a right angle along your body, then press both forearms and elbows on the front side of your chest. Each move should be from your pectoral area and should be repeated 3 to 12 times.

These three are some of the best breast enlarging exercises you can do to give your breast appearance a boost.