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The Various Types Of Allergies Linked With Moss

By on August 8, 2011

Allergies Linked With MossBefore having knowledge about all the allergies related to moss, one must first have a brief idea about what exactly is moss. Well to start with, moss is basically a plant. But it has features which distinguish it from the normal genre of a plant. It can be said that moss is a type of modified plant.

It is different from plant in such a way that a moss has no stem, root or even leaves in it. It is different from all features of any other plant that is present. Moss is usually found to grow in certain selective places where the moisture content is supposed to be very high. It is found in places such as walls or concretes, barks of a tree, or in an abandoned building. In general, moss is found to have grown in any moist place which has not been brought to use for a long time.

It can be said that moss is grown in moist undisturbed and isolated areas which has not been brought to any extensive use for quite a long time. Allergies that are found to be associated in with this plant are not very common in their existence. The governing reason behind it is due to the fact that the allergies are caused only when a person comes in direct contact with moss. Thus it can be said that the allergies that are linked with moss are basically a ‘contact driven reaction’.

A General Idea

Allergies are said to occur when your body tends to overreact with the exposure of it to an allergen. These allergens are interpreted by the body as antigens and thus, the immune system starts to release antibodies against these allergens. The excess antibodies that are generated accounts for the various allergic reactions that are witnessed in our body. Thus one can say that when an adverse reaction is found to be evident on direct contact of moss externally with the human body, the allergens that are released by the moss are found to be responsible.

Moss Plants

It is evident scientifically that the allergens released by moss are inclusive of some specific spores that are released by it or some air borne allergens that are associated with it. It is basically the spores or the air borne allergens that on external contact results in the formation of several allergies associated with moss. Once the contributing allergens of moss are known, then one must gain the knowledge of the various types of allergies that are usually associated with the allergies caused by moss.

The Various Types of Allergies Linked with Moss

There are various allergies that are found to be associated with moss. Other than the direct contact of moss with a person, moss can also cause allergic reactions by contact with certain by products. One such major example of moss by products is the cosmetics manufactured with moss in it. There might also be other items manufactured containing significant amounts of moss in it that pose a threat to the integrity of skin.

Sporotrichosis infection

The most common form of allergies linked with moss is originated in the presence of peat moss. There are a number of products where peat moss is found to be evident. It is found in mulches and hays and some other commercial products of peat moss which are used in the gardening. Thus gardeners have a huge chance to get affected by it. Oak moss is found to be used extensively in some of the perfume industries which tend to develop a woody fragrance in their perfumes. The oak moss gives the respective perfume a woody and a very deep and strong smell.

When the perfumes are made in absolute, the people who are directly in surface contact with oat moss are most likely to develop such allergic reactions. These allergies are common on people with sensitivity towards histamines. There is a type of moss known as sphagnum moss which caters to allergic reaction in the skin of the one who comes in direct contact with it. This type of moss contains a fungus within it. The fungus gives rise to an infection in the body that is known as Sporotrichosis infection.

Symptoms Related To Allergies By Moss

The symptoms that are found to be linked with allergic reactions due to moss are similar in their course of action and their occurrence to hay fever. The symptoms are inclusive of sore throat, runny nose, sore eyes, wheezing of lungs, sneezing and coughing. The allergies that are associated with oak moss include eczema, light headedness, nausea and asthma. The allergies that are caused by the fungal infection of moss are linked with typical formation of ulcers over the skin and tremendous itching over it.


These are the common symptoms for Sporotrichosis infection too. The symptoms associated with it may be mild or severe, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. The total number of persons affected by it depends on the sensitivity of moss over their skin surfaces. In actual practice, there are only a handful of people who are affected by its allergens. So, the people who works with oats usually are least affected when they come into direct contact.

Skin problems are witnessed when people deals with the cosmetic products containing appreciable amounts of oak moss in them. However the numbers of people who are susceptible to these allergies are very few. It is due to this reason that there has not been sufficient amount of research that has been brought into effect by the scientists all around the globe.

Treatments for Moss

The Sporotrichosis infection is usually linked with application of potassium iodide over it externally. When this chemical compound is active on the infection, the fungus becomes inactive at a much faster pace. There are several other ointments that extremely effective to cure the skin allergies caused due to peat moss or normally treated moss. Skin creams such as corticosteroids, histamines and other several skin irritating creams that prove to be effective in neutralizing the various skin allergies that are associated with moss or peat moss.