Tips to be a Good Girlfriend

If you want your relationship to work well then try these successful tips-

First and foremost, don’t try to act like his guy friends as he cannot get attracted physically with a person who reminds him of his friends.

Secondly, instead of buying him a shirt or sweater get him a pack of beer( if he drinks) or tickets to his favorite game and if you want to make points let him go with his guy friends.

Thirdly, guys feel proud when their girl shows affection in front of his friends. But being all over him will not only make him uncomfortable but also give him a feeling of being sissy. Moreover, instead of faking in the bed, guide him in helping you reach climax. He will appreciate it more and it will help you build your relationship in the long run.

Fourthly, a guy gets freaked out if you are moving too fast in a relationship. For getting your toiletries in his apartment or insisting on meeting his parents is not a good idea. But if you want him to remember you, leave a piece of your jewelry on his dresser.

Fifthly, It’s a well known and accepted fact that sexy lingerie is a big turn on for any man, especially, a lacy thing which gives him a little peek and leaves a lot to imagine. But lingerie with too many buckles and bows can be very frustrating because getting you out of it smoothly is a big ego booster for a guy.

Sixthly, men like getting sexy messages; it shows that you are thinking of him. Send naughty messages few hours before you meet but make them one liner. Sending long messages and calling all night can be suffocating. They feel that you are trying to spy on them and think you as an invader.

Lastly, watching sunset together or any other esoteric activities maybe romantic for you, but if you are planning a holiday together take an adventure based trip. Spending time together and doing fun filled activities will bring you closer.

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