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Tips To Increase Sexual Desire In Women During Menopause

By on March 21, 2011

Tips To Increase Sexual Desire In Women During MenopauseWomen facing menopause undergo different problems and one among them is low sexual desire. There are different reasons for this problem. The main reason being health related issues like medications, stress and aging issues. However the main advantage of menopause is sex can be enjoyed without the fear of becoming pregnant. Enjoying sex at this age will help both physical and mental state of the body. There are many tips that would help women regain their lost or decreased sexual desire.

It has been observed that not having sexual desire is rather a mental condition rather than a physical condition. To overcome this lack of sexual desire in women undergoing menopause, experts have arrived at a set of rules that will help women to overcome inabilities to enjoy sex.

To experience and enjoy sex, brain plays a vital role. It is important to satisfy your spouse and for this, thinking about sex is essential. The more you think about it, the feelings to have sex may increase. You need to plan and make an appointment so that planning will help you to perform.

Body Massage

Another tip is to think about using different techniques to experience pleasure. Not only intercourse but also body massages, caressing and bath with different types of aromatic oils which smell good will help to overcome lack of sexual desire.

Most of these lotions, creams and other lubricants are available in leading stores and they are also available online. To make your sex life interesting and exciting visit an adult boutique. Buy magazines, toys and other related products that shall stimulate you to perform sex with a renewed zeal. However it is important to test the cream for any allergies and also smell them as smell plays a vital role.


It is not only necessary to indulge in buying products but also to keep your body fit and healthy. Healthy diet and regular exercises will help the hormones to be stimulated. Good sleep will help the body to gain strength and stamina which are vital for a women well-being.

All this will encourage her to indulge in sex without being worn out. Discussing desire and needs with your life partner will help. Sometimes medical intervention may help you to enjoy sexual activity as lubrication and elasticity of the vagina will help you to enjoy sex.