Top 10 ways to propose to your beloved

Planning to propose to your beloved? Don’t know how to? Well here are some ways suggested to pop the question to your beloved in the most stylish and romantic manner as you go on your knees and she says “yes”. A proposal for marriage is the most romantic event of anybody’s life. You must have shelled a bomb in picking up the prettiest ring, you must have picked up the choicest orchids but if you have failed to pop the question in style the whole charisma of the moment diminishes in oblivion. Remember you have to make it the most special and unforgettable episode of your life.

If still in dearth of proposing, here are some wonderful ideas to make the moment of your day.

  • For the ultra sophisticated people who don’t mind shelling a fortune, can hire a plane flying with banner, with marriage proposal written on it. What else would she ask for, then this expression and indulgence of your pure love to her. As the proposal with intertwined love hearts flutters in the sky, be ready to slip the engagement ring in to her finger, as she still filled with delight and amusement.
  • For the romantic love birds a cozy escape to a private beach or to the most quixotic woods will be good for the surprise break. It is better to arrange everything in well advance as you put forward the proposal with wild flowers or on the sun kissed sand.
  • A passionate proposal with a candle light dinner at home, with the love food that you have prepared to pamper the taste buds. A perfect evening to spend cozy time together, with light jazz playing at the background and as you serve champagne with previously slipped ring at the base of the glass, let her fell in admiration for you.
  • As you Spend Time together in the most romantic places like the Eiffel tower or the Taj mahal, which is considered the embodiment pure love, present the ring to her.
  • Surprise her by taking her to the disc bar and finish up by ending a love song only for her. Just go down on your knees and crack the question with flowers and ring in your hands.
  • Nothing in the world could beat the idea of creating a website for marriage proposal for the net savvy, geeky couple. Display your love’s name with an animated message for her. Sit online together and as you click open the website with the engagement ring in your hand.
  • Nothing in the world brings pleasure than those sinful indulgent chocolates. Present her the ring engraved in one of the chocolates in style, while others read “marry me”.
  • Festivities are the best time to put forward the question. Decorate the Christmas tree with lights reading “marry me” and place a red velvet box with ring and flowers around it.
  • For the bold and wacky guys, light her doorstep with” will you marry me” with candle lights and velvet ring box. She will definitely fall on love.
  • Convey your love out, with a full page advertisement with your love proposal. Just overboard her with ecstasy, as she would be surprised to read the crispy paper in the morning over a hot cuppa of coffee.
  • For the adventure loving couple, the best idea is to propose in the most wild way, like while taking her to skiing, under water snorkeling or before a wild freefall/ bungee drop. I bet she will never say no and will remember it as the craziest proposal of her life.

Make use of these wild and crazy ideas to express your love for her.

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