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Treat Colleagues or Friends as Equal at Work Place

By on May 18, 2009

Your colleague may be your close friend but that doesn’t mean that you have to treat him or her in a different manner. It is better to draw a line when it comes to professional relationships. Learn not to go out of your way in personal and professional associations. Your good friend may not necessarily be your great colleague. It may happen that you may land up with your old friend in the same firm. Take care that you maintain a line between your professional personal relations.

Make it clear beforehand that both of you are colleagues in the office and maintaining true professional front is mandatory for both. It means that you should not cover up for each other or be blatantly friendly, neither should take sides. Let the treatment to each other be respectful, like any other coworker. Let the relationship be cordial, have lunch, help in each other work without going out of your way, share light moments etc.

You must be well acquainted with your friend’s character very well. It is better to tell truth to your boss in case you are going out or opting for leave. Telling a lie is usually most of the people cannot stand. Instead of giving a lame excuse and staying back at home or for going out with your wife, do in transparent manner. There is no point in giving excuse of your health. It’s better to act in a rational manner in the office, you may not know who may backstab you and may bring your reputation down in the office.

Helping out with your friends work is fine, but doing the entire stuff every time may hamper the relationships. He/she will never grow professionally and you may most of the time be overloaded with work. It may happen that the other one may dump more and more work on you, so as to leave early. Their may be a negative reaction and general agitation as you may be taken for granted. Do not bring the ego in way while taking help. You may take tips from your senior of any other colleague if needed.