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Trend Of Late Marriage

By on October 31, 2008

People in their young age love to have fun and fly high with their career graph going up and up and up… they love to wait about the word “marriage” and like to escape from it by saying that marriage is not on their cards now. Things might appear good when you are single.

Enjoying the success, most of these young professionals like to keep aside the idea of entering into a relationship and say “I do”. This is not the current scenario of the 20 something people. Even people in their 30’s are not in hurry and most of the experts opine that this trend that is taking the world in a storm, and is not good; in fact they have termed it as unhealthy.

Most of the lawyers point out that couples who tie the knot at later age mostly end up going separate ways. The reason here is very simple that as you age it becomes difficult to adjust with the other companion. Try and ask a young partying guy or girl in a pub about marriage, pat will come the reply, not now. “I don’t want to enter into a commitment at this stage” for these people marriage comes with extra baggage.

For such people security in the form of their careers and freedom is the most important things in their life. They have the other version to say that with fast changing trends one cannot vouch for security in any relationship even in marriage, so they do not want to waste time and believe its better to think twice before taking the plunge. They want themselves to gain confidence that the girl or the guy whom they are seeing should be compatible enough.

They feel that there are too many things to do in life then to get married. The best is that they can lead life in their own terms as marriage brings in a lot many responsibilities. Experts opine that the tolerance level has gone down with the increase in age; this is the main reason behind lack of compatibility. The age bar has been crossed by most of the people where they can understand and grow together as each other. As already their ambitions and goals are set, they do not find time for the other person in their life.