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What are the qualities that men look in women?

By on September 16, 2008

Sounds like a vague question, isn’t it! But every person that enters into some relationship seeks some qualities in their partners. Every person is an individual, they have their own strength and weaknesses and insecurities too. Every relationship has different stages. But here are discussed some of the basic qualities that men seek in their women:-

Beautiful from inner as well as outer side- men want their women to be beautiful; she should appeal to them in all ways. Her outward appearance like, body, eyes, lustrous hair should compliment her inner beauty. The degree of physical attraction in any relationship cannot be overlooked. The partner has to be emotionally and psychologically strong too.

Honest- she should be the person on whom he can lay his life in full trust. The crux of any relationship is trust. She should be chaste and faithful to a major extent, definitely the men would not like their women to slink and sleep around with guys.

Loveable and responsible- she should know how to love her man, even in his high and low. If she is a career woman, than must be capable of balancing her personal and professional life well. Their ego should not come at par in between them, the final word is “passionately understanding”.

Interests- generally it is observed that man and women if have similar interests, then they make a good couple. Hence, usually man hunt for women with similar interests or field.

Appreciation- the woman should be respectful in fact in today’s times; respect is the element with both the persons actually looks for. Any kind of dis-respect in attitude or behavior, results in end of any relationship. She should be able to understand and appreciate his feelings and stuff’s he does for her. Any kind of comparison does not goes down well with men, so stay away from it.

Remember, he is in quest of a partner, for life time who can understand his soul and life. She has to be strong in all aspects, but must not invade his space. She must be a creative person with artistic inclination, intelligent yet sensuous and must have great sense of humor too.