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What Causes Breasts To Stop Growing?

By on July 30, 2010

Causes Breasts To Stop GrowingThe size of breasts may be a matter of great concern for several girls. Some girls are anxious and worried about their heavy and extra large breasts. On the contrary some may be apprehensive about their smaller breast size. Women with small breasts often think why their breasts are comparatively smaller. Let us try to find an answer to this.

Estrogen hormones are released in girls when they hit puberty. This is the time when their breasts start to grow in size and become noticeable. Some girls find it very exciting to have noticeable breasts after all. The beginning of breasts growth practically coincides with the commencement of menstruation. The body of girls undergoes several changes during this phase of their growth.

Generally the development of tender breast buds is seen to occur as the first sign of puberty. When the breasts grow, the milk ducts contained in them increase in size. The increment of milk ducts causes expansion of the breasts at the nipples. After this development expansion of breast tissue takes place.

Breast Size

According to some experts, breasts continue to grow gradually for about 5-6 years and usually stop growing by the time a girl attains the age of 17 or 18. Thus growth of breasts naturally comes to an end. However, there are certain factors that may cause breasts to stop growing. Some of these factors are discussed below in brief.

Diet of a girl has a direct impact on her breasts growth. Breast growth gets significantly stunted in case of poor nutrition. Diet plays a vital role in the production of girl’s hormones. If she lacks in adequate minerals and vitamins or is underweight, this can result in stunted breasts growth. But if she begins taking healthy and nutritious diet her breasts will increase in size.

Fluctuation in hormones

Heredity is one reason which causes breasts to stop growing. It is your genetics which determines the size of your breasts. So in case you have been taking healthy diet in the past and yet have small breasts do not blame your own self for this. Your breasts stop growing when your body receives signals from your hormones that your growth is over.

Growth of your breasts can also be stopped due to hormonal fluctuations. Fluctuation in hormones occurs in your body during pregnancy which leads to an increase in breasts growth. Breasts growth again stops after breastfeeding.