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What is high cholesterol?

By on February 5, 2009

Cholesterol is molecule of the body whose texture resembles a wax. Cholesterol is important to carry out numerous body functions. It gives flexibility to the cells and other hormones. But excess of cholesterol can lead to several health problems.

High cholesterol is termed as hypercholesterolemia. When excess of cholesterol circulates in the blood, it in due course of time gets hoarded up on the blood vessel wall. It becomes thick like plaque and reduces the blood flow in the organs of the body. The much needed oxygen and nutrients are restricted to flow. This is known as atherosclerosis. With complete blockage of blood to heart and brain, stroke occurs.

The two main sources of High cholesterol in the body are from the diet that we take and our body organ liver. It’s important to follow a well balanced diet. Dietary recommendations advocates that not more than 200mg cholesterol should not be consumed in a day.

The cholesterol derived from liver is known as endogenous cholesterol. This high amount is due to certain ailments like diabetes and hypothyroidism. It could be hereditary too. By treating the condition the cholesterol level can be lowered. But if your close relatives of family member have high cholesterol then chances are that you may also develop high cholesterol in future.

Exogenous cholesterol refers to the cholesterol derived from the diet. Highly saturated fatty food, extremely oily stuff, fried food, food with Trans fats, butter, margarine, meat, dairy, desserts, confectionaries, chocolates have content that increases the cholesterol level of the body. One can put check by reducing such kind of food. This will help in lowering the cholesterol to a large extent. Apart from this certain drugs and medication can increase the cholesterol level.

In any given condition its better to follow the doctor’s suggestion and program and practice a well balanced diet plan.