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What is Lipoma?

By on February 26, 2009

Lipoma is a benign lump, which is non-cancerous one. It grows from the fat cells that are present in the body. The lipoma can be left untreated if it not causing discomfort. But in case any pain, ache or soreness is experienced then it is surgically removed and send for biopsy.

In Most of the cases the xero mammogram shows normal and reveals a fatty breast. Lipoma are rounded and are multi lobuled mass. They are made up of adipose tissue enclosed inside a fibrous capsule. With increase in fat accumulation of the body the lipoma also gets increased in size.

In another condition known as “familial multiple lipoma”, the fat cells grows, develop and multiply into fatty lumps. This is caused due to inherited gene. In most of the cases the lipomas have been noted as painless. Apart from the breast one can develop them on arms, armpits, legs, buttocks, head, neck and trunk of the body. Sometimes the lumps keep on growing into a large size, they may not be harmful though can be a matter of great embarrassment.

In the radiography done in xero mammograms, it has been found that the mass with very fat density are further delineated with a very thin capsule of approximately 1 mm in diameter. It could be even less. The capsuled fat further compresses the tissues that encase the breast tissue.

The cancerous ones are known as liposarcomas. They are in fact soft tissue sarcomas. They are not lipoma as they do not evolve from lipoma. One can easily diagnose a lipoma with its appearance.

Treatment of Lipoma

Lipoma can be removed surgically in case it becomes painful and drains stinky smelling discharge. In case of infection or inflammation or with increase in size it can be removed.

Who are Affected by Lipoma?

Age is no bar when it comes to lipoma. But the middle aged women have been observed to suffer more from such cases.