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What to Wear with Leggings

By on June 15, 2009

Leggings have become haute couture in recent years. This 80 fad also known as footless tights is back with bang. One can see most of the leading designers incorporating leggings in their collection and even in ramp. You name the hot brands be it Gucci, Chanel or Dolce and Gabbana the list goes on and on and leggings will remain favorite.

In fact they have become quite rage with the ladies, but what kind of clothes should be teamed up with leggings. If you are less comfortable with knee length dress then leggings are the ultimate solution. One can easily pull off skirts of any kind of length. You can coordinate and can pick with right kind of tunic or top. The dark colors flatter the most.

Shirt dress and tunics look great with leggings/ they give extra level of style. Flats, sandals, slides, gladiators, moccasins, skimmers and strappy sandals everything works well with good pair of leggings. Another clever way is to mix and match bold prints and pattern of leggings with bright solid colored tunics. You can even wear standard tees or tank tops, but they won’t be that flattering and perhaps you need a perfect chiseled body to carry such stuff.

There are numerous kinds of leggings available in the market. The hue footless tights are made of semi-sheer micro fiber. They will not cost your purse but will look great. Another clever way is by picking up cuffed cotton leggings. The pretty cuffs are made with very light weight cotton fabric that is stretchable. They can be worned with tunics to mini skits and even sweaters.

Spanx leggings give the body sleek look. They contour the body in better manner. The mid calf length ones provide wonderful layering to dresses, tunics etc. The dexterousness lies in teaming with right top. Be a chic hot babe and sport the most adorable prints and colors of the season.