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Why do Men Lose Interest?

By on January 30, 2009

This is one question which has been bothering women constantly, since ages. They don’t understand why men, who at one point were so into them, suddenly lose interest and become so cold and careless. Well, there are a lot of reasons for such behavior. Here are a few of them:

Why do Men Lose Interest

One thing that every woman should know about men is that they like to chase. They enjoy the journey more than the destination. By this I mean men like to follow women around, tell them how beautiful they are and shower all their attention, till they feel they have them. The thrill they get to make a woman fall for them is what they like. It makes them feel desirable. This is the reason why men become so distant and aloof all of a sudden after some great dates.

“Needy” and “obsessive” women also loose out on relationships. Men do not like to date such women. However, if they do accidentally start dating one, their chances for sticking around are too less. This is because a needy woman wants too much of her man’s attention and time. Moreover such women like to rush into things and are not fun. Men like there space and they have there prerogative to live a part of their life the way they want it. If women don’t see it, they are at a loss.

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Men also don’t like predictable women. Yes, that’s why they love Angelina Jolie so much, she is precarious. A man who knows what his woman would do on different occasion, her every action, plan and reaction, then he starts losing interest. This is because such women become boring. For this matter, make sure you surprise him every second day with something he least expects from you.

Men are afraid of commitment and intimacy. When they start feeling that the relationship is getting serious they panic and start backing out. They are afraid to lose their freedom. Most men also stay under the myth that once the relationship becomes serious it won’t stay fun anymore. Hence, as a woman, you need to handle it very tactfully and take it slow. Assure him that his independence will always be respected and solidifying your commitment will not mean that you will stop having fun.