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Why do women like dating bad boys?

By on October 1, 2008

This question has haunted men for centuries. They don’t understand why women who preach about stability and fair treatment end up dating guys who are total “pigs”. The truth is women don’t date such men because they like to be disrespected or treated badly but because they are looking for a balance and unfortunately bad men are closer to this balance than the others.

Another very obvious reason for a woman to be attracted to a bad guy is because they are wild and unpredictable. Sometimes it’s just great fun to go out with them, especially, in an age when one wants to experiment and is not really looking for a commitment. It gives tremendous rush to live on the edge.
The feeling of independence is very exciting.

Probably Because of the high running adrenalin at this age and lack of maturity, girls date bad boys since good guys are just too boring. Moreover, a good looking stud with a charm to die for is completely irresistible.

But one thing good guys need to understand is that this attraction is very short lived because at the end of the day every girl likes stability and they do want to be with someone they can count on.

As for older women the reason is a little different .The psychological motive for women to get attracted to a masculine and forceful guy is because of the evolution factor. They think they will give better DNA and would make better fathers.

Which most of the time turns out to be a big misconception. Basically, More than half of the times women don’t realize that the good-looking stud they are dating is such a commitment phobic. Grounds being, that mostly these men are really good at masquerading as nice guys. They will say anything they want, to get what they want. They are the “bad boys” remember.

Whatever the reason might have been for a woman to date a bad boy, they do realize at the end that jerks are not all they are made out to be. They realize that they deserve much better.

To summarize, Bad boys are like a “latest trend”. You like wearing it for the season, you can show it off, experiment with it but it’s too fickle to stay in your life forever, While on the other hand a Good guy is like a classy dress which never goes out of fashion. It’s a keeper.

Bottom line, The Good Guy always wins in the end.