Why is it important to sleep well?

Did you know that there are more than 50 types of sleeping disorders? And in addition to that there are several people who complain about sleeping problems for a few nights, a week or more? Most of these problems or disorders in people go undetected and untreated. This is because most of us do not see the importance of going to a doctor and getting ourselves checked.

It is very important for us to understand that, sleep is one of the most essential elements in our wellbeing. Lack of it has a serious impact on our ability to perform daily routine tasks in a well manner. Furthermore, basic sleep problems lead to medical and neurological disorders. For instance, the person becomes irritable, apathetic and has frequent memory losses.

Moreover, Lack of sleep can cause depression which fosters problems such as overeating, impatience, anxiety and an overall dissatisfaction with life. Sleeplessness also impairs concentration, which causes a person to make mistakes leading to performance issues.

There are several factors responsible for sleeping problems. Behavioral factors for example, job related stress, family problems or consuming excess quantities of caffeine and alcohol can lead to a disrupted sleep.

Environmental factors such as, uncomfortable temperature, excessive noise, difficult sleeping conditions such as an awkward mattress can also aggravate this problem. In addition, health problems such as body aches can keep one awake the whole night and cause distress. It is amazing that some people who complain about tiredness and lack of stamina whole day long don’t realize that it is there sleeping habits that is causing it.

Basic sleeping issues can be resolved by simply educating the patients about how to maintain a good sleeping routine via avoiding external factors that have a direct impact on sleep. For instance, avoiding naps, Reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption, not eating a great deal shortly before bed, making sure you have a good firm mattress which is extremely comfortable and also if there is something in your mind that is bothering you and keeping you from sleeping, make sure get rid of that problem by either talking to someone or solving it yourself.

It is our fast lifestyle which is predominantly responsible for sleeping issues. Understand this, working around the clock or taking too much stress will only lessen your productivity. Remember, our greatest wealth, is our health so sleep well.

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