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Why Men Emotionally Abuse Women?

By on February 24, 2009

Men consistently look for ideas and tricks to degrade women, and the same goes in a relationship. If relations between partners are not good enough, then men easily adopt the emotional-abuse tactics which tend to be terribly enriching experiencing for them.

Couples have their issues and ways to sort them out, but not for all times. Sometimes it gets really tough for male partners to bear acts, actions, activities, words or anything other related with their female parts, and thus they find emotional abuse the best way to sort-out the issue in their own different ways.

The reasons for emotional abuse could be anything, depending upon the relationship. But few and foremost might well be among the below mentioned:

Men tend to show their superiority over women and always wish to remain ahead in every race of the life. And that’s the feeling the global world face from time immemorial. And this leads to the enigma of emotional abuse men inflict on women everywhere.

Settling scores
If men have grudges and are consistently facing their women’s wrath for trivial issues, then they will surely resort to the emotional abuse way to vent their ire. And that’s the most likely scenario why men go this way.

Men always want to have influence, better say and control in relationships and always search for ways to race ahead. Not finding other ways, they easily and deliberately pick emotional abuse to hurt women and command the respect and influence they always seek.

Lowering self-esteem
Women with elevated self-esteem are never liked by men, and that’s enough for men to find ways to bring them right back to their place they deem fit. And this approach also plays its part in men’s mind globally and forces them to employ certain tactics, words or actions that nip women’s liberty and freedom and give constant pain.

Men seek status of sort in society and community out of their relationships and thus explore various ideas to degrade women. Knowing their women to be emotionally and sentimentally weak creature at all, they easily move along the emotional abuse track to realize their goals.