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Why Men Go Off To Sleep After Sex

By on April 22, 2009

No matter how passionate the sex was, men seem to go off to sleep immediately afterward. Although it is seen in some women also but generally this is more common in men. This problem is not only annoying but also very frustrating for the other partner.

The most obvious reason why men go off to sleep immediately after the intercourse is that sex usually takes place at night in a bed. After the physical exhaustion men get sleepy. Technically, the release of semen triggers the release of endorphins, which make the muscles relax and tickles the brain to signal for serene sleep.

Another reason which has been found is that it takes a woman fifteen to thirty minutes to come down from an orgasm, it takes time for their blood pressure and pulse rate to become normal or the swelling of the breast and clitoris to return to normal, which makes them less tired and sleepy. This is one reason why men don’t get aroused again immediately.

Prolactin is another culprit of making men go to sleep after sex. Studies show that to relieve sexual arousal our body releases a stimulant called prolactin, which makes us tired and sleepy. The level of prolactin is higher in men after sex.

Men also tend to hold their breath or breathe shallowly during sex. This deprives them of oxygen, leading to not only fatigue but drowsiness also, but in some cases medical condition may also lead to exhaustion after sex. Make your man see a doctor.

Although it is an uncontrollable chemical reaction, but by staying up an extra five minutes and talking and cuddling can prevent women from sulking, as at the very moment she is in need of affection and reassurance. Go for a cup of java before having sex as they keep the mind and body alert and fight against sleepy bug.