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Why we Lose Interest in Partners?

By on April 10, 2009

Why we gradually lose interest in the partner and start finding him/her not that appealing and enriching like that of initial days? It’s a big question and universal truth we all face in the life, despite spending some of the best moments of life with the partner.

It’s a natural process and appears in almost everyone’s life, as the interest keeps receding from the passing of the time. This situation does not usually hamper once the time of losing interest comes fairly at the expected time. But it could be dangerous once the interest-losing aspect looms quite earlier that it must have been.

There’s no any set limit of loving and caring, as it entirely depends on the individuals and the maintenance of the relationship. Love grows with care, and a relationship with the constant dose of care and commitment does not face the case of worn-out so early, though the truth has to hit it any day for sure. Every relationship will have a great chemistry in the initial days, as lots of pampering and care would be there. And what we don’t notice actually are the traits like care and understanding that keep a relationship strong even after the hiccups in the initial days.

Couples approach the relationship with a mindset to enjoy each and every possible moment of the relationship, thus ignore certain unwanted acts and behaviors despite their repetitions and presence. But the same ignorance is not shown as the relationship gets older. And that’s where the problem comes, and we link it with the ‘passing of time’ and’ taking granted’ etc. But the actual problem resides in the way couples approach their relationships and the sense of understanding they show after the passing of the time.

If we remain constant throughout, then the problem of losing interest would be slashed or made to wait for the longer than it actually looms large. We may have encounter many couples with a great chemistry even after being married for years, as their success would surely be for the sense of care and understanding they have been showing for each other for a long time.