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Why You Always Lose?

By on February 5, 2009

Life dishes out equal prospects and opportunities to all; few convert their chances thoughtfully and get to the set-targets convincingly while others stay put behind in the lurch. Being relegated or not able to get the set targets makes life miserable for few and thrust them into constant thinking and intense anguish.

Those who stay put behind feel themselves losers and curse their fate. Ultimately, the people of this class resort to the questions: why I always lose. It’s really hard to answer the same, and the task turns out even doubly hard when the luck factor is being dragged in pointlessly.

Luck do play its parts in one way or other, but then you can’t expect to be on the losing side for all time owing to this bloody factor. Leaving luck to its fate, let’s move to other relevant and brighter aspects that go with your losing all the time. First of all, stop giving too much importance to luck factor as it tends to minimize the efforts or toiling you would have put without giving luck too much importance.

Attitude is must to win, and even your constant losing does not suggest that you are not meant for the same. But there is some problems with you and you attitude that’s keeping you behind all the time and even not allowing you to win.

Try getting ahead with positivity and thoughts that would make you ready and let you to not lose constantly. Try bringing drastic changes in the way you approach your task, and that could only be done with good and fruitful thinking.

Your constant losing also suggests that you have not tried hard and kept yourself involved in the daydreaming and useless works. Otherwise, the results can’t be same for all time. Winning takes out genuine and constant efforts from individuals, and the losing constantly denotes that the spark and drive might have not been applied as needed.

Planning is key to succeed, and you are going down all the time means that your efforts are not matching the tasks. Either you have taking the targets too easily or losing in awe of it.

Both the aspects depict that you have not gone ahead or ever tried with proper planning and repeating same mistakes again and again. Thus, be precise in your target settings and work accordingly with right intent to get closer to the set target.