Five Ways to Enhance Breast Size without Surgery

With breast augmentation surgery losing popularity, because of its risky and expensive nature, more and more women are turning to better alternatives to increase the size of their breasts. Most women dread going under the surgical knife, just to have their breasts increased, with some fearing the complications and risks they might expose themselves to.

With time, other methods of growing the breasts without undergoing a breast surgery have sprung up to the relief of needy women. There are now several options to enhance breast without surgery.

Breast exercise
This is a natural and costless way of improving the appearance of your breasts. Breast exercises concentrate on the muscles supporting the breasts called pectoral muscles, increasing their size. This in return gives the breasts a push and a lift, making them appear larger and firmer.

The correct techniques should be learnt to avoid straining the muscles too much and causing damage.

Breast enlargement creams
This is a favorite natural breast product for many women, because it is safe and effective. The cream is applied directly to the breast skin and massaged, to ensure proper absorption. Natural creams are made up of herbs, such as Pueraria Mirifica and Wild Yam, which have phytoestrogens that mimic the estrogen hormone, hence triggering natural breast growth.

Breast enhancement pills
They contain the same herbal composition as the breast creams, making them very safe and effective. It is always advisable to take them on an empty stomach to make digestion faster and allow enough absorption of the important nutrients into the bloodstream.

There are also herbal supplements that function the same way; the only thing is that they contain many herbs. They are safe and effective after a period of time.

Breast enhancement bras
They come in the form of water bras and gel bras. Pushups bras have been in use also for quite some time. Their function is to push and lift the breasts, giving them a natural look and a more attractive cleavage. These bras are a quick fix for women, who want to look good in certain clothes and have no need to increase their breast size permanently.

Breast pumps
Breast pumps contain a vacuum and two cups, which are designed in a way that they stretch breast tissue, stimulating them enough to cause them to develop. Though, this is not a popular method to enhance breast, it is believed to work effectively.

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