How to Naturally Enlarge Breasts without Surgery

Breast enlargement has become the order of the day, since more and more women are feeling the need to improve their figures and their general appearance. It is true that breasts can determine how nice a dress looks on you. Women, who feel embarrassed about their breasts, would never go anywhere near low tops that expose their cleavage, since they have none to show! But this can change for the better, with all the options one has.

There are women who would choose to go for surgical breast augmentation, while others would hear nothing of that sort. The risky and expensive nature of such procedures have made some women very afraid to risk or with their hands tied, because they can’t afford to pay for the procedures. What most people don’t know is that, this is not the only way of increasing their breast size. There are breast natural enlargement methods, which are cheaper and safer.

Natural breast enlargement methods
Breast supplements
There are supplements and breast pills, which are made naturally from herbs and are effective and safe to use. The supplements contain more than ten different herbs in them, whereas breast pills can contain a few of the most essential herbs. These pills and supplements are taken on a daily basis and are effective after a period of time. You should always take them on an empty stomach to ensure that they are well absorbed into your blood stream.

Breast creams and lotions
They are also made up of herbs. The herbs, just like in the breast pills, are rich in phytoestrogens, which stimulate the natural process of breast growth. The herbs have been tested and proven to have breast growth properties, since their compounds behave in the same way as the female hormone estrogen.

The breast creams are believed to be more effective, since they are applied directly to the breast skin. This means that, the essential nutrients are absorbed directly into the breast tissue; hence no digestive process is required, as is the case with breast pills and supplements. Natural breast creams and lotions are safe and effective.

Breast exercises
Exercises such as pushups, palm presses and chest flies are good examples of breast exercises. The exercises do improve your breast appearance, as the muscles behind your breasts grow in size. The increase in mass will give your breasts the illusion of looking fuller and firmer. You will notice that, your clothes begin to fit better and your breasts look much better in them.

These three breast natural enlargement methods are enough reason to, why you should not expose yourself to breast surgery that can amount to a lot of complications, while you can have it the easy way. Even though they all take time to show positive results, at the end you will have permanent breasts that you deserve.

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