Body Kit: Moroccan Argan Shampoo + Peach & Avocado Shower Gel + Sunrise Cleanser

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  • Keep hair and skin thoroughly clean and healthy with StBotanica Hair, Body and Facial Cleansers
  • Moroccan Argan Shampoo – Infused with Argan Cold Pressed Oil, the secret behind the thick and lustrous tresses of Moroccan women, this shampoo leaves your hair thoroughly clean and nourished. In addition, it blends Organic Cold Pressed Oils such as Avocado Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, natural moisturizing ingredients like Wheat Protein and Silk Protein and vitamins B5 and E. The deep moisturizing ingredients leave hair soft, strong and shiny.
  • Peach and Avocado Shower Gel – This is a Nourishing Body Wash. A superior alternative to the soapy body washes infamous for stripping the skin of its natural oil, StBotanica Shower Gel restores the moisture barrier of the skin as you cleanse. Avocado Oil is the primary moisturizing ingredient in the shower gel. It is enriched with peach extract that delivers nutrients to the skin.
  • Sunrise Cleanser – Here is a deep cleanser that while removing the impurities from the skin surface and unclogging pores, delivers nutrients and antioxidants that help repair the damaged skin and restore the clear and radiant complexion. Rose Water, Sandalwood Oil, Kashmiri Saffron Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Turmeric Extract, Neem Extract and Vitamin C soothe, cool, nourish and brighten your facial skin.
  • StBotanica products do not contain paraben, sulphate, mineral oil, silicon and other harmful chemicals.
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The StBotanica products in this gift set are formulated by amalgamating premium cold-pressed natural oils and botanical extracts. They provide the best cleansing experience by boosting the health of your hair and skin while you cleanse. They rejuvenate your hair and skin, and with regular use are capable of minimizing common hair and skin related woes.

Hair and Skin Stays Hydrated and Healthy:
Soap and detergents that are used as the primary cleansing ingredients in shampoos and body and facial cleansers are notorious for drying out the hair and skin. StBotanica Shampoo, Shower Gel and Face Wash are specifically formulated to ensure that the hair and skin despite feeling squeaky clean do not feel dry. To leave the hair and skin hydrated after shower, Cold-Pressed Organic Oils have been incorporated in our shampoos and cleansers. Moroccan Argan Oil, often referred to as liquid gold owing to the value attributed to it for its beauty benefits, is the key moisturizing ingredient in our Shampoo. To keep the hair and skin hydrated and healthy we have also added the antioxidant rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Avocado Oil to our products.

Botanical Extracts for Skin Care:
Infused with an array of botanical extracts that deliver essential bioactive nutrients and antioxidants to the skin, thereby helping in salvaging your complexion, StBotanica Face Wash combines cleansing with skin care. Rose Water and Neem Extract work as natural anti-microbial agents. Sandalwood Oil cools and soothes the skin. Extracts of Kashmiri Saffron, Orange Peel and Turmeric help in fading dark spots and blemishes and assist in lightening the skin tone. The antioxidant property of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) by thwarting the free radicals helps in restoring the healthy complexion.

Freedom from Harmful Chemicals:
Protect your hair and skin from chemicals that are known to harm the hair and skin in the long-run by incorporating StBotanica Shampoo and Body and Facial Cleansers in your daily cleansing routine. Paraben, sulphate, silicon, mineral oil and anything that might be unsuitable for you are absent from these products.

Boast of All Day Long Healthy and Beautiful Hair and Skin:
Regular use of the products in this gift kit is the best way to pamper your hair and skin so that they retain their stunning appearance throughout the day.


Shampoo- D Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Vitamin E Acetate, Moroccan Argan ColdPressed Oil, ColdPressed Avocado Oil, Wheat Protein, ColdPressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Silk Protein.

Body Wash- Ingredients: Purified Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Derived from coconut oil), Glycerine, Cocodiethanolamide, Glycol Distearate, Polyquaternium 7, Sodium Chloride, Peach (Prunus Persica) Extract, Avocado Oil, Disodium EDTA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Fragrance, C.I. 14700.

Cleanser- Purified Water, Decyl Glucoside (Derived From Coconut Oil), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Derived from coconut oil), Glycerin, Propanediol (Derived From Corn Sugar), Ceteareth-60 Myristyl Glycol, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Cocodiethanolamide, Acrylates/Beheneth-25 Methacrylate Copolymer, Rose Water, Sandalwood Oil, Kashmiri Saffron Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Orange Peel Extract, Turmeric Extract, Neem Extract, Di Sodium EDTA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, C.I.19140, C.I.15985.


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Shampoo - In the shower, thoroughly wet hair. Apply a dime-sized portion of shampoo to hair and gently massage into scalp. Rinse hair and repeat as needed.

Body Wash - Massage gently onto skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Cleanser - Moisten face, apply a small quantity of Sunrise Brightening facial cleanser and gently work up a lather using a circular motion. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry.