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– St Botanica Breast Serum is as good a breast firming solution as you can get.
– Breast Serum helps in increasing breast firmness naturally through activation of the collagen synthesis proces.
– Active ingredients penetrate deep into the tissue and act at cellular level, resulting in effective rejuvenation of breast cells and soft tissues.
– Firmer breasts for a more positive look and outlook, with higher positioned breasts on your chest.


Breast serum is an unmatched female-specific product. It is considered to be the product for firming saggy and loose breast. Among all the breast enhancement herbal products, breast serum is the most widely used topical product. This product is capable of making the bust line more fuller and rounded. It provides the breast with greater volume and tightness. Being herbal and natural, this product is safe even if it is used on a regular basis.


Active ingredients in Breast Serum are also a store-house of anti-oxidants, known for the properties in controlling the actions of free radicals which cause harm to body parts – presence of anti-oxidants in breast serum protects breast cells and soft tissues from being exposed to the action of free radicals.
St Botanica Breast Serum acts as an active skin protecting agent, lowering risk of damage to the external skin surface in your breasts, giving them a firmer look.


Stbotanica Breast Serum is formulated with the pure extracts of Pueraria Mirifica, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate and tropical herb extracts.


  • After taking a bath, dry the breast and clean it with warm wet towel. It is recommended to notice your reflected contour to see the difference of your breast before and after applying the product.
  • Squeeze the tube to get an amount of a 1.5cm. coin cream for size cup A-B breast. As for cup C and up sized breast, the amount should be made proportional.
  • Apply the cream around on only one breast side first. Supposing your breast is a circle, alternately use both palms to massage your breast by drawing the breast upwards starting from the crease and inwards from the side. Move your fingers in circular and upward motion around your breast to contour the breast to be round. Do so for 2-3 minutes or until the cream is fully absorbed.
  • When one side is done, notice the differences of the breast contour again, comparing the massaged side with the other side, especially around the upper breast, breast base and cleavage area.
  • Massage the other side of the breast using the same method.


St Botanica breast serum has addressed the need for firm breasts that many women seek. St Botanica is backed by years of experience, drawing on its expertise of nourishing breasts with the perfect blend of science and technology. And St Botanica has been effective in its mission to provide health and beauty to women, and helping them grow young and filling them with vitality in the process. St Botanica is the leading brand in breast care, with the breast serum acting as the solution with proven ability to uplift sagging breasts and enhance breast firmness drastically. And the results speak for themselves, with a visible increase in your breast volume that you can feel with pride and with boosted self-esteem and confidence. Breast care cannot be rendered by science ignoring the blessings of nature in taking care of the tender tissues of the fairer sex, and St Botanica has delivered with the right mix of nature’s nourishment and the advancement in science.

St Botanica breast serum is enriched with its basic ingredient, Pueraria Mirifica, known for its cell rejuvenation properties. This herb extract was blessed to mankind by nature thousands of years ago, discovered first in Thailand and passed on to the next generations over the years, with its expert power in healing and rejuvenation. St Botanica has drawn upon this goodness of nature to provide the best in breast enhancement, with its Breast Serum. The active ingredient in breast serum does what it does best – acting as a firming agent, adding nourishment to cellular structure and giving them vitality and vigour so that the effects are visible in breasts – breast firmness is enhanced in a short span, as you feel better from the inside.. With enhanced firmness comes increased volume and oomph, as your cup size is consistently increased with the regular application of breast serum on your breasts. There are other ingredients in the breast serum that go deep into the mammary glands and help in breast shape enhancement – the phytoestrogens and Pro Vitamin B5 present in the serum complement the properties of Pueraria Mirifica, assuring you of increased breast firmness and volume.


Demineralized Water
Camellis Sinesis
Leaf Extract
Tocopherol Acetate
Centella Astatica Extract
Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract

Pueraria Mirifica, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate and tropical herb extracts.


Begin with a clean dry skin.

Apply small amounts of St Botanica Breast Serum on both your breasts in equal quantity. Massage the serum gently on to your breasts till your breasts absorb the serum completely. Repeat this on a regular basis and experience the results.

Massage directly onto the breast using a circular motion, beginning at the upwards and working your way underside. Continue massaging until fully absorbed ( 3-5 minutes ) in the morning and night.

Serum: 60 ml.


Not recommended for pregnant women, breast feeding mothers or women diagnosed with medical condition of the breasts.



uplift sagging breasts

Breast serum is rich in Pro-vitamin B5. Pro-vitamin B5 is effective in giving your skin the elasticity and suppleness that effectively complements the process of breast enhancement. In effect, with Breast serum, what you have is a lovely combination of ingredients that act as one unit with the purpose of filling your breasts with vitality.

uplift breast

The good thing about using St Botanica breast serum is that you do not even have to consider the option of going for surgical procedures to influence your breast shape and size. If you want to increase your cup sizes in a perfectly natural way without investing in artificial procedures and saving you of the investment and stress of having to face the scalpels, you do not have to look any further than St Botanica breast serum for the perfect solution.

Uplift Sagging Breasts

Now that you know what your breasts need and where you can find them, there is something that you need to do additionally, to make sure the freshness of your breasts remain intact and your breasts blossom generously in shape and size. Stress is the enemy that could get to you and reflect on your body. When you have let stress have the better of you, your breasts would have a story to say. Sagging breasts are symptoms, which need to be responded to with care. Just as relaxation heals your mind and exercise your body, stress can be dealt with, while your breasts need that extra bit of massage for effective penetration of the breast serum. The best way to free your breasts from your stress is to develop a routine in massaging your breasts regularly with St Botanica breast serum. Make it a habit to do a regular application of Breast Serum liberally, softly and consciously, helping the serum around your breast in a swift, circular motion. These fortifying massages go a long way in helping the active ingredients penetrate deep into your breasts quickly, and deal with your breasts firmly.

It’s best to have a routine that would help you stick to it, at a leisurely time that you may not be pressurised about. As you keep repeating this procedure regularly with care and attention, you can feel your breasts responding with increased firmness and volume, in much shorter span than what you might have expected. Breast massages could be short and swift, and may not take much of your day time. And, when you feel the vitality of the breast serum and see the way your breasts respond to the enhanced nourishment and nutrition, you could flaunt your increased firmness with added confidence, progressing forward as stress falls by the wayside.

St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum helps stimulating the estrogen receptors in the breasts with its plant estrogens (called as phytoestrogens) that can correct the development process leaving breasts enlarged, firmer and fuller in appearance. in appearance.

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