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St.Botanica Lady Secret Serum – Tighten Loose Vagina

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Useful For: Tighten Loose Vagina, Vaginal Discharge, Vaginal Sweating, Vaginal Dryness
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Product Specifics:

Qty: 1 Pack of 6 Bottles (5ml each)
Suggested usage: After washing the genital area , apply the serum on the vagina
  • Useful in the firming and tightening of the vagina naturally
  • For enhanced sexual experience and pleasure without the discomfort of dryness
  • Contains Estrogen that helps in natural lubrication of vagina
  • Handy serum that increases vaginal suppleness, while simultaneously tightening the vagina
  • Plays an active role in preventing infection from microbial pathogens
  • Stimulates the contraction of the vaginal channel for an intense experience.
  • Controls lubrication by reducing excessive mucous secretion in the vagina
  • Contains active ingredients that make it an anti-inflammatory solution, removing scope for vaginal swelling and eliminating unpleasant odor
  • Activates vaginal walls and contracts the vagina for intimate pleasure

Experience the Pleasure of young age again with St.Botanica Lady Secret Vagina Tightening Serum

Sex is an integral part of life. There is the theory that life is all about sex, where sex is seen as a system put in place towards promoting the procreation of the species. A phenomenon that is common and is a basic instinct of living beings, women tend to have peculiar problems and issues associated with sexual activity. While sexual life is often a woman’s personal affair, something that many may not be willing to discuss, problems associated with the vagina are common and it is the personal and private nature of the topic that inhibits many women from seeking solutions to their problems. St Botnica Lady Secret Serum was born out of precisely the issue, where women are caught in a quandary between having to find a solution and the problem of talking it across to others. The St.Botanica Lady Secret Serum is the answer to many questions that keep haunting in the minds of women about their vaginal health, and about issues related to the vagina, such as vaginal dryness, excessive lubrication, irregular lubrication and excessive wetness, discharge and other issues related to the sexual experience of women.

Lady Secret Serum works by toning and lubricating the inner walls of the vagina. It enhances the ability to draw on and secrete your own natural lubricants. It stimulates the “Bartholon” glands to release estrogen, helping to restore lubrication solving the problem of vaginal dryness and thicken the vaginal walls.

tight vagina

There are multiple factors that cause the vagina to lose its firmness and get loosened, lacking in the vigorous grip that it had earlier. Age is one reason where the vagina might lose its firmness. Further, there are other factors such as the peculiarity and uniqueness of individuals, where cases cannot be compared with one another, leading to the slackness of the vagina at different points in time for different people. Most women experience a particularly loose vagina after child birth, where the vaginal muscles tend to have relaxed and lost their firmness. All of these factors, or any of these, would invariably lead to loss of or lack of sexual pleasure to one of both the partners. Often, when the vagina loses its firmness, women tend to be susceptible to psychological damage as well, since they could get into forms of inferiority complexes, where the sexual partners do not experience the same verve and vigour as they did earlier.

Ageing is no reason for compromises in life, nor is any other aspect that might hinder your sexual life from attaining its fulfilment. What St Botanica Lady Secret Serum has addressed is not just the issue of tightening the vagina, but also the other issues associated with vagina and related to sexual activity. Many women report unwanted and excessive lubrication and secretion of fluid, which could prove embarrassing. It need not be during sexual activity as such, but has also been in the case of girl talks on sex, or when women are generally aroused on other instances apart from in bed.

If you have issues associated with the vagina, read on to see how the Lady Secret is the right response to your unanswered questions.St.Botanica Lady secret is a vaginal serum that helps in vaginal contraction and firming of vaginal walls, and it can amplify your orgasm manifold than what you might have otherwise. And that’s not all – the vaginal serum, which has Pueraria Mirifica as its active ingredient, plays an active role in stimulating the G-Spot, the patch of skin the size of pea, located inside the vagina that is responsible for maximising the sensation of orgasm, and also acts as an effective anti-inflammatory solution, making sure there are no swellings inside the vagina which might lead to problems such as emanating an unpleasant odor. The vaginal serum also prevents infections from microbial pathogens, which could lead to health issues later. For maximum sexual experience, enhanced sensation, balanced lubrication, freedom from vaginal dryness and a comprehensive solution to issues related to the vagina, make the intelligent choice today.

How it effects

Lady Secret Serum (Herbal Vaginal Tightening) can shows results within 30 minutes, you can experience the contraction in vagina & tender feeling of stimulation of G-Spot. Regular application of cream can enhance the tightening sensation & sensation of vagina. To sustain the affect of Lady Secret Serum (Herbal Vaginal Tightening) it is advisable not to wash Vagina immediately.

St.Botanica Lady Secret Serum - Tighten Loose Vagina, 2.9 out of 5 based on 102 ratings


What are its ingredients?

St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum is composed of highly potent vaginal tightening herbal extracts of Acorus calamus, Saussurea lappa, Piper nigrium, Withania somnifera, Nelumbium speciosum, Curcuma longa and Pueraria mirifica.

How much time it takes to get youthful back?

The results from St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum solely depend upon the response of vaginal structure to the active ingredients present in the product. It is therefore, results vary from woman-to-woman. Generally, it requires 30-45 days to get complete youthful size with a tightened tract.

How exactly St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum works?

St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum is said to firms, tones and tightens the vaginal lips and surrounding structure. This it does by gathering and reshaping the vaginal tissues and cells. The active ingredients used in Serum bring the vaginal elasticity back and gives original shape one more time. It also helps in restoring the vagina suppleness and increasing the healthy vaginal secretion to keep the organ fresh and healthy.

Phytoestrogens present in St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum helps balancing the pH of vaginal tract and therefore reduces irritation by making the tract smoother and fine. Potential herbs used in Lady Secret are thought to stimulate the Bartholin glands that help releasing natural estrogens that stimulate women's libido naturally. Lady Secret Serum also strengthens the walls and lips of the vagina that can enable you to enjoy multiple orgasms.

Will there be any side effect?

St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum is an all natural product and carefully manufactured. It contains the herbal extracts and other ingredients those are not known to produce any unwanted/side effects in normal circumstances. So far, there is no report of experiencing any harmful effects.

Can I use this while condom is in use?

St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum is condom friendly product and can certainly be put while it is in use.

How to apply Lady Secret Serum and what if it goes in side?

St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum is to be applied around the vaginal lips and also a bit inside. There is no harm if clear gel gets inside the tract. In fact, it will smooth the tract and will make it healthier and stronger by nourishing the mucous membrane.

Will it affect pregnancy afterwards?

No, St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum is all set to use in any condition. It is to be used locally and never to be consumed. It does not affect pregnancy by any means.

What all are other advantages I get using St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum?

The rich and luxurious serum can be applied in and around the vaginal lips to make them healthier and tighter. Apart from great sexual pleasure, it also offers natural lubrication, enhanced female libido and keeps away the dryness of the vagina, one of the most important causes to suffer from various vaginal infections.


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Pueraria Mirifica and tropical herb extracts, Kegelia Afficana Extract, Centella Asiatica, Hydro Gel, Carbopol, Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Propylene, Sesaflash and etc.


After daily cleansing in the morning and evening, squeeze 2-4 drops of the serum on a clean finger and apply evenly onto vagina with no need to rinse off.

Serum : 5 ml.


The Vaginal Serum may not be suitable for pregnant women or for use during menstrual period. It is advisable to exercise caution in case of skin allergies, vaginal infections or sexually transmitted diseases.


Tight Vagina using Lady Secret Serum

The advantage of using St Botanica Lady Secret Serum is that it is effective in controlling mucous formation in the vagina, thereby effectively controlling the quantity of discharge. While it keeps a tab on excessive lubrication, it also stimulates the right amount of lubrication in the vagina that would help in sexual activity, by increasing vagina suppleness. The Lady Secret Serum, by aiding vaginal contraction, increases sensitivity in the vaginal walls. Orgasm is generated by the sensitivity of vaginal cells to pressure. With increased sensitivity, there is an increased intensity of sexual pleasure, translating into an enjoyable experience for both the partners. Further, estrogen secretion is also stimulated, which has a direct effect on the sexual appetite of women, leading to an intense sexual experience.

St Botanica Lady Secret Serum is safe to use, having been made with herbal extracts, leaving no side effects. The serum could also be used when the male partner uses condom. The herbal formulation can safely be applied on the inner parts of the vagina, as it has its effects continuously, leading to noticeable tightening of the vagina in short span with regular use. Women who might have experienced vaginal looseness would experience a long term and permanent change, getting back the firmness and tightness that they were used to earlier. And it is advisable to leave the serum on for a while without washing it off, for it to have the complete effect on the vagina. Go ahead and make your choice for a fulfilling experience that would lead you to many memorable experiences.


Short-term effects of vaginal dryness include itching, sensitiveness, irritation, tenderness, inflammation, and general discomfort. Continued dryness can lead to yeast infections and vaginitis. Due to a very high concentration of photoestrogens, Pueraria Mirifica virtually duplicates a woman's own moisture. Pueraria Mirifica may also naturally stimulate the "Bartholon" glands to release estrogen, restoring a woman's natural lubrication. Phytoestrogens increase blood flow into the vagina and introduce estrogen-like biological effects. Prolonged and regular use of Pueraria Mirifica may lead to vaginal tissue growth, strength and elasticity.

Vaginal Tightening

After childbirth, the vagina may become stretched, and men get smaller as they age due to less testosterone in their systems, which can affect the size of their erections and their stamina as well. By vaginal tightening the vagina, this can enhance pleasure for both the woman and the man.

With childbirth and aging pelvic muscles relax and the internal and external diameters of the vagina increase. Difficult deliveries can cause serious stretches, tears, and rips -- and generalized weakening of pelvic supports.


Inner lips (labia minora)

Should not protrude past the outer lips and should not be excessively long or asymmetrical

Outer lips (Labia majora)

Should be well formed and smooth forming an arched look with very small amount of hair follicles


It should be tight or snug, small in size with a pink colour tone

Clitoris and hood

Should not be excessively big or small and hood should not be too large or thick

vagina tight cream