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Nano Breast Enlargement Cream

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Product Specifics:

Qty: 40 ml
Suggested usage: Massage each breast daily for 2-3 min
  • St Botanica Nano Breast cream is your perfect partner for enhanced breasts
  • Your breast size is visibly increased, with a fuller breasts enhanced with nutrients
  • St Botanica Nano works directly on breast cells, adding up volume at the structural level
  • Active ingredients act at cellular level, enriching lobules and alveoli
  • St Botanica Nano works deep on the milk ducts, giving a fuller shape to the mammary glands
  • The natural firmness of breasts is enhanced through restoration of scattered fatty tissues
  • You get all you want with St Botanica Nano, with the perfect size and a deep cleavage like never before

How to Increase the Breast Size?

Years of research and strive for perfection have resulted in the perfect blend of nanotechnology and nature. Pueraria Mirifica is the traditional secret of rejuvenation that has been passed on over generations, bringing voluptuous cup size virtually within your reach. St Botanica Nano Breast Cream has abundantly delved into nature’s treasure trove, with nanosomes, which act as active transporters of vital nutrients, enhancing breast shape and appearance by supplying the cells with nourishment. The effect is a well nourished and expanded cellular structure for naturally fuller breasts. St Botanica Nano Breast Cream also stimulates the hormone estrogen, which increases the content of liposomes, the basic fatty tissues that make up your breasts. If you have been asking for firmness, fullness and sensuality, it’s all within your reach now.

The best part of using St Botanica Nano Breast Cream is that you can stay away from some of the more incisive options that many women resort to, in their quest for enhanced cup size. You do not have to be doubtful in your steps, as you weigh the outcomes of popping some breast enhancement pills along with your diet, and hoping they would turn up a miracle in some way, treating you with fuller breasts. And you would not have to shell out a fortune, fixing up appointments with an anonymous breast enhancement clinic and go through the ordeal of incisions and operations. Instead, St Botanica Nano Breast Cream relies on science and nature and the blend that the duo can bless your breasts with.

Products Usage Steps

Nano Breast Enlargement Cream, 3.6 out of 5 based on 28 ratings


This highly concentrated St Botanica Nano Breast Cream is designed with latest technology that enables nano-particles of herbal extracts to get deep into the breasts and nourishing them. Proper nourishment helps enlarging the breasts naturally. Massaging the Nano Cream improves the blood supply making breasts fuller and firmer.

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Nano Technology used in St. Botanica Nano Products is the method of converting the active ingredients into smallest particles (Nano-sized) that can do miracles. Such particles can penetrate deeply in breast tissues and can nourish every breast cell effectively. The NanoTechnology transfers goodness of natural breast enlarging and firming herbal extracts to every breast cell that ultimately result in more vernal breast appearance.

breast enlargement cream


  • Old technology
  • Oxidation-Not stable
  • Larger molecules
  • Carry hydrophilic agents


  • New Technology
  • Oxidation-Stable
  • Small lipid vesicles
  • Carry Lipophilic agents

International Quality Certification

Our Pueraria mirifica quality is certified from International QC/QA Organizations:

  • CTFA - USA.
  • JFRL- Japan
  • SGS -Thailand
  • Overseas Merchandise Inspection
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  • Eco- friendly
  • Assured efficacy.
  • Alcohol free
  • Skin friendly
  • Skin tolerance dermatological proven
  • Free of volatile organic compounds.
  • Low antiperspirant concentration
  • Reliable protection against body odor.
  • Stimulate the source of energy
  • Increase hydration
  • Balance the body’s pH


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2 reviews for Nano Breast Enlargement Cream

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is an amazing product !

  2. 5 out of 5


    After using Nano breast enlargement cream for a month not just me but my friend are also noticing the beautiful change in my breasts. I love the compliments I get.

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Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Ethyl Cellulose Nanosome Base Cream, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C Glycosphere, Allantoin and Witched Harzel Extract
Cream: 40 ml.


What makes Nano Breast Cream a Natural Way to Increase Breast Size?

The active ingredients in St Botanica Nano Breast Cream have historically been known as the fountain of youth for ageing men and women alike, with its natural restoration and rejuvenation properties going deep into the cellular structures to revive the vibrancy of youth in your breasts. What St Botanica offers is not an enhancement technique that would act at a superficial level to give you the projection of fuller breasts. Nature has always been caring and giving, and St Botanica Nano Breast Cream promises to give your breasts the tone and firmness that would go deep at the bottom of your breasts. Far from acting like superficial breast enhancers, the nanosomes penetrate and reach out to the deeper constituents of your breasts, acting as conduits of nourishment and providing the tissues and mammary glands with enriching nutrients.

In the normal course of the day, your breasts are ignored and are exposed to the toils of pressures and tensions, resulting in your breasts losing firmness and sagging helplessly. St Botanica Nano Breast Cream acts both at the cellular level as well as at the hormonal plane, for a complete nutritional supplement that is complemented by estrogen activity. With estrogen being stimulated internally, along with enhanced supply of essential nutrients that the fatty tissues and breast cells need to thrive, the experience is that of a complete phenomenon of breast enhancement and enlargement, providing the treatment that your breasts deserved. You wouldn’t realise what you were actually capable of, till you experienced the full size of your breasts yourself, in much shorter span of time than what you had ever thought of.

Natural Way to Increase Breast Size

Along with the active ingredients based on the trusted and renowned Pueraria Mirifica, the rejuvenating herb of the East, and the presence of nanosomes that play a vital role in supplying all vital nutrients to soft tissues and glands in your breasts, St Botanica Nano Breast Cream also has Vitamin B3. Also called Niacin, Vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) plays the all important role of converting bodily nutrients and carbohydrates into the fuel that body needs to grow. All essential nutrients are ultimately converted into glucose and it is the function of Vitamin B3 to make sure the nutrition that you supply to your breasts are fully absorbed by the cells and are transformed into energy to make your breasts look and grow into fuller cups. B Complex vitamins are vital for skin to remain elastic and supple, even as they enhance the functioning of the nervous system. Niacin is also known for its effects on sex hormones, stimulating the glands to release the hormone estrogen to complement the nutrient absorption by your breasts. Vitamin B in St Botanica Nano Breast Cream is, like in its original form, water soluble, which means that the vitamin does its job, enhancing your breasts, supplying it with vital nutrients and making them glow with fullness, while the vitamin itself does not stay on in your body.

While St Botanica Nano Breast Cream is an expert in breast enhancement, all you need to do is to be supportive and appreciative of the magical properties of the blend between science and nature. Be caring towards your breasts, with regular application of Nano Breast Cream for increased softness and suppleness of your breasts. The process is as simple as rubbing St Botanica Nano Breast Cream into our breasts and gently massaging it in circular motion. Make it a practice to take the soft cream in your hands and treat your breasts with the luxury of nutritious supply of active ingredients and nutrients. This is the most effective self-care tip that you need, to have a pair of full, rounded breasts that leave you brimming with pride. Make sure you massage your breasts regularly in short, swift and circular motion of your hands, while St Botanica Nano Breast Cream does the rest for your breasts. With St Botanica Nano Breast Cream, life is much simpler for the sensuous pleasures that you are entitled to. Regular application of St Botanica Nano Breast Cream can guarantee you the second look that you had yearned for, with enhanced breasts giving you the confidence and charm, as you put your worries about sagging breasts and dropping cups behind you, while you stride forward with your new, voluptuous look.