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Coffee For The Skin & Soul!

There is nothing more satisfying than that early morning cup of coffee to kickstart your day. Whether you love coffee or not, there are only a few things in life that can be as wonderful as coffee. It is not only the most loved beverage to give you a boost of energy and satiate your craving but also a star ingredient in the skincare department. When applied topically, coffee can do wonders for your skin due to its exfoliating and nourishing properties. This skin care elixir serves the following wellness & beauty benefits:

Wakes up & Brightens!

Coffee not only helps you keep awake early in the morning, it also wakens up your skin, preparing it for the day. Washing your face with coffee helps stimulate the skin cells and improve blood flow, making your skin appear bright & glowing. The St.Botanica Mocha Coffee Face Wash offers these benefits and serves as an effective cleanser to give you that freshness boost while removing dirt & grime from your face. Infused with Mocha coffee bean powder, caffeine, & cocoa butter, this face wash cleanses and nourishes the skin altogether.

Provides Antioxidant Boost!

Coffee provides tough competition to all the power foods and fruits when it comes to antioxidants supply. Having more antioxidants content than a cup of green tea, coffee is your deal to give your skin the protection against pollution, environmental stressors, heat, and damage caused by free radicals, making it healthy. Exfoliating with coffee further helps improve skin health & texture. St.Botanica Arabica Coffee Face Scrub is one such product that deeply exfoliates your skin with the ground Arabica coffee bean particles and cleanses the pores while releasing the antioxidants into the skin. The presence of cocoa butter makes the scrub gentle to the skin and scrubs without harsh scraping.

Stress Relief & De-puffs!

The caffeine in coffee helps de-puff the skin and soothes & calms it, making it look healthier. Applying a coffee face pack provides a calming and relaxing experience to the skin, de-stressing it. St.Botanica Brazilian Nutty Coffee Face Pack provides a nourishing and soothing skin experience and helps reduce the excess oil from the skin while cleansing the pores. Infused with Brazilian Nutty Coffee and Kaolin Clay, this face pack help in revealing your naturally glowing complexion.

Tightens Up!

Coffee being a diuretic, helps tighten and compress pores to reveal a more spotless & smooth skin. It helps improve skin texture and increases skin elasticity, thus reducing the appearance of lines & wrinkles. St.Botanica Robusta Coffee Peel-Off Mask does just this! It Enriched with Robusta coffee beans, this coffee peel-off mask helps pull out the blackheads & whiteheads along with impurities, settles deep within the pores, and tightens the skin to provide smooth, bump-free skin.

Smoothens & Nourishes!

Coffee works best as a body scrub as it effectively exfoliates the skin and pores, improving the texture and making it feel oh-so-smooth! Ground coffee beans help exfoliate dead skin cells and also bust the cellulite on the skin while being gentle and not too harsh. St.Botanica Colombian Supremo Coffee Body Scrub is enriched with arabica coffee from Colombia that helps slough away dead skin cells, improve skin texture, fight cellulite, and reveal bright, glowing, radiant, smooth, and healthy skin.

Calms, Tones, & Soothes!

Coffee works well to calm, tone, & soothe the skin by reducing redness, irritation, or inflammation from the skin. It helps nourish the skin, improve skin texture, and provide an overall soothing experience.

All being said, Coffee is an all in one benefitting super ingredient that not only lifts up your mood, but also makes your skin feel & look awesome. For as long as there is coffee in the world, nothing much could go bad!

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