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How To Deal With Sweat That May Be Causing Acne?

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Woeful enemies with many names like acne, pimples, zits, cysts, whiteheads, and blackheads are embarrassing and unavoidable for many. Countless research had been done but nothing has been affirmed what exactly is the reason for breakouts. The only known cause is that excess oil produced by the skin leads to clogging the pores that result in the growth of bacteria which cause acne and blister. There is some scuttlebutt going around that ““ sweating is also breaking out pustule and rosacea. With that said, it doesn’t mean that you should miss your gym session or stop exercising.

You can still have clearer skin alongside aerobics sessions and playing sports. Before we delve deep into how, where, and when to control sweat. Lets’ understand the science behind sweating and it’s good or bad for the skin.

What and Where to Sweat?

The common assumption about perspiration is that it is caused by physical exertion from exercise, which is somehow true also. But, it not only happens when you are in the gym only, one can sweat in scorching heat when in a lounge or while eating hot spicy food. And, the production of sweat means body in employing its natural mechanism to cool down via water coming of pores. Thus, we can say “sweating is not bad for the body”, however where you perspire does matter, as it can trigger acne.

So, here’s some dermatologists recommended ways to follow in the gymnasium where you can sweat like crazy and still can manage to get glass complexion.

Before Hitting The Gym

Remove Makeup ““ Yes! This is the pivotal step you should always follow before hitting the gymnasium. Wash your face with a mild cleanser or micellar water as they are perfect in removing the layers of foundation. Check out St.Botanica Awaken Hydrating Facial Cleanser, ideal for those with zit prone skin and an oily t zone area. The antioxidant-rich green tea does the double duty of washing off the dirt as well as toning the texture. The buttery texture – all thanks to Shea Butter in the face wash offers intense moisturization for refresh and supple look. This wash will prevent future breakouts, pimples, and blemishes as it is enriched with natural gooseberry extract that fights free radicals and environmental damages. Soothing cucumber which is the core compound in the cleanser is all-time favorite ingredients for temperamental and oily skin types as it provides cooling and calming effect. And, it’s mild enough to use in the morning and at the night regime. Furthermore, the wash will not strip off the natural hydration and helps you get a clear, healthy, and gleamy glow. At last, the formula is made up without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, and artificial fragrances. Get the instant smoothness and softness with the pioneer face wash product.

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Clean Clothes- One of the leading reasons for body acne are wearing unwashed workout clothes that may have dead skin cells, oils, and pathogen. So, it’s highly suggested to wear clean clothes to avoid the formation of zits and acne.

Quality SPF- If you going outdoors for a workout or to play some sports then do wear a high-quality sunblock to prevent breakouts as well as protecting skin from harmful UV rays which can lead to skin cancer. Unfailingly look for “non-comedogenic”, water-resistant, broad-spectrum, and SPF 15 or higher sunscreen to get the best shield from the harmful sun waves. Give it a try to St.Botanica Vitamin C SPF 30 PA Sunscreen Mineral Based Water Resistance. This sunblock conditions and hydrates the skin while offering all day long protection from baneful sun rays. Masterfully crafted with antioxidant vitamin C and E, wherein one boosts the firmness and lighter the complexion and other neutralizes the free radicals damage. So, you have protected and restored texture. The weightless, non-greasy formula gets easily sink and leaves your face feeling moisturized and mess-free. It is an ideal pick for the beach as this sun defense will not leave any white residue – gratitude to borage cold-pressed oil and Lemon peel essential oil in it. This handy bottle is loaded with all the skin-loving secret weapons that offer intense nourishment while improving the skin’s appearance. And, it is cruelty- free, vegan, and all-natural. So, grab this sunscreen if you are planning for a long run or all day swimming.

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During the Workout Session

Clean Sweat Towel- Whenever you perspire wipe it off with a disinfected clean towel. Gently pat the skin rather than rubbing it off hard as it can flare up the acne. Good hygiene is a must to keep blemishes at bay.

Disinfect Shared Equipment- Shared equipment can be loaded with bacteria and oils that can add up to breakouts. If you are utilizing that equipment during work out and then touch your face or zit-prone skin, then you are transferring the impurities to your skin. Better to carry a sanitizer or something that can scour the equipment then kick off with the exercise.

No Sharing ““ If you are someone, who is easily prone to blemishes then it’s suggested not to share your protective type of equipment like shoulder pads or helmet with anyone, as they can be packed with acne-causing oil and bacteria. So, saying “No” is good sometimes.

After The Workout Session

Bathing ““ It’s suggested that you should take shower after working out that will rinse off all the acne-causing bacteria from the skin. Plus, it’s always best to use a mild and non-comedogenic cleanser or body wash as it wouldn’t clog the pores and flare up the cyst irritation. Here’s, St.Botanica Pink Grapefruit Vitamin C Luxury Shower Gel, to get a clean and refreshing feel. This rich and calming body cleanser is formulated with grapefruit essential oil which is known for its antibacterial properties ““ aids in getting clean, healthy skin. It is ph balanced wash alongside free from sulfates, parabens, and chemicals. With no toxic fragrances that irritate the skin, this invigorating natural body cleanser is infused with vitamin C that boosts the skin elasticity and brightens up the complexion. Clean, hydrated and wake up skin are the goals of this optimum product while covering all the sensitive skin type concerns. So, kick off your day- wake up, lather some, and rinse off with no irritation. Keep your energy levels high add this organic cleanser in your shower routine.

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