Do you know the difference between Shower Gel and Body Wash?

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AH! After a long busy day, a good shower is a great deal for everyone. And, showering is considered to be an easy task- hopping under the water and pampering skin with sudsing. Plus, it's an indispensable part of our daily routine; probably we all look forward to this task when we get up in the morning and before heading to the bed in the night. Moreover, have you ever noticed what cleanser you are using for the skin? And, what ingredients it is constituted of? To remove the dirt, grime, pollutants, and day-long tiredness "“water is not enough. Choosing the right product with the right ingredients can be a daunting task! With that said, there are mainly two categories of cleanser being popular among the masses are- Body wash and Shower gel. Many people contemplate them to be the same however both perform the exceptional job of flushing out toxins from the body but they are quite apart from each other. Let's level up your shower sesh and scout some interesting facts on body wash and shower gel.
Difference in Texture
If you have both- body wash and shower gel in your bathroom cabinet then quickly do a texture test. Simply, take a dollop of both on your palm and check consistency, body wash has a gushing texture more like detergent liquid wash but it has hydrating ingredients for instance -Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Rosehip oil, and Moroccan Argan oil. Thus, it's a great pick for normal to dry skin tone. Whereas shower gel is constituted of emulsifier which makes it thick, more like in a gel form. Moreover, its firm also because it has cucumber, oat, green tea, and coffee in it. So, it a perfect pick for acne-prone to oily skin. Here are some scintillating products from St.Botanica to enhance your bath time experience!
Refreshing Green Tea and Cucumber Shower Gel
Transform your daily shower task into a luxurious spa-like experience with St.Botanica Green Tea and Cucumber Luxury Shower Gel. This ultimate soap-free shower gel is made up of two invigorating ingredients- Cucumber seed oil and Green tea extract. To start with, cucumber has an array of benefits such as deeply nourishing the parched skin (Thanks! to H2O), calming the inflamed tone, and lightening the dark spots. Whereas notable nature's marvel Green tea in the cleanser is chock full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants "“ thus it safeguards the delicate dermis from harmful UV rays and environmental aggressors. The product is made with active botanicals to feed your skin with much-needed nutrients making it an exemplary pick for all the skin types. Furthermore, the St.Botanica shower gel is vegan and cruelty-free alongside containing no harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and phthalates for example. This ultra-gentle cleanser creates abundant froth to conge dirt and impurities which are the primary reason for a dull complexion. And, it boosts brightness gratitude to the infusion of plant-based additives- so you have radiant, shiny, and always luminescent skin. What's more, it leaves no post-bar tightness! For unparalleled results use this with our other skincare products. Gets Nonpareil Bathing Feel- Shop Now!
Moroccan Argan Oil Nourishing Body Wash
For immaculate and spruced up shower time try out St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Ultra Nourishing Body Wash. This organic and non-toxic body wash has been assembled with the finest plant-based ingredients such as Moroccan Argan oil - well renowned for amplifying skin's elasticity all thanks to vitamin E in it. Plus, honey is the heart of this natural body wash which intensely moisturized and soothes desert-like dry skin. Further, it has a perfect concoction of botanicals like Lemon extract a powerhouse ingredient enrich of vitamin C that abet in toning the skin as well as protecting it from bacteria ambush. And, Mulberry extract is also celebrated as a skin brightener that assists in banishing stubborn dark patches or pigmentations. Moreover, the formula is enriched with Sugarcane "˜Alpha Hydroxy Acids' natural source which succor in fighting acne, defying aging, and reducing blemishes. Along with Licorice and lotus extract works together in decreasing melanin synthesis and ameliorating clear skin. So, why indulge in for chemical-infused body wash when you have St.Botanica vegan, cruelty-free, toxins-free product. Long story short, no matter how parched, dreary, or dull your complexion is this botanical wonder cleanser will work for every skin type for soft, supple, and luminous tone. Are you a suds fan? Order now!
Difference In Ingredient
Water is used as a base in both body washes and shower gels but the ingredient infused in them differ a lot. For instance- hydrating substances such as essential oils, Glycerin, and vitamin E are mostly part of body washes. Thus, it is a great pick for people living in a cold or dry climate as they need deep moisturization for the youthful dermis. On the flip side, Shower gel is perfect for those with oily, sensitive, and zit-prone skin. They are mostly infused with soothing substances like Avocado oil or cucumber. Let's delve deeper to check out a few ebullient body wash and shower gel from the house of St.Botanica!
Peach and Avocado Shower Gel
For all the green beauty connoisseur and environment-conscious folks! St.Botanica Peach and Avocado Shower Gel deserve a permanent spot in your shower cabinet. This organic shower gel ideal for all skin types as the formula is free of skin-irritants like parabens, sulfates, dyes, and mineral oils rather it is enriched with potent Avocado oil which is loaded with antioxidants that shield the complexion from dangerous environmental aggressors such as UV ray, dirt, grime and impurities that cause aging, dullness, and dehydration. And, it offers profound moisture to the skin. Plus, peach extract in the cleanser is chock-full of vitamins which abet in transforming tone from drab to gleamy within just a few applications. Moreover, this lather gel is perfect and safe for both the men and women as it gently washes away the pollutants while feeding the skin with much require nourishment. User reviews that it has improved skin tone after using this shower gel. Perk: it is vegan and cruelty-free- Yes! You heard it right; we too love our furry animals. Sayonara to Bacne - Add to Tote!
Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Body Wash
After employing your daily body wash do you feel skin has some residue? Or you experience it's been stretch out? Or skin's natural oil is stripped? Then it's ideal to swap your ordinary body wash with St.Botanica Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Body Wash. This Plush product is blended with Bulgarian Rose Oil which completely drenches the parched tone - all credit goes to its moisturizing properties, along with Rosehip oil a Holy Grail in skin care is loaded with rich vitamins such as A, C, and antioxidants which succor in even out the discolored tone, treating acne, and fighting all signs of aging. Plus, the optimal cleanser also has the goodness of earthy additives like Aloe Vera "˜nourishing agent', Neem "˜protecting from microbes' and Macadamia Oil "˜slows down aging'- these invigorating substances rich body wash is ideal to wake you up from a drowsy morning. On the top, it is free of menacing chemicals like sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, and phthalates for example. Plus, user reviews- they love this aromatic cleanser which offers them instant radiance and shine after few applications. Experience oh-so-clean and Refresh Feel- Add to Cart Pro tip: For best results use with St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Ultra Nourishing Body Lotion.
How to Employ Shower Gel or Body Wash?
Bathing every day is a mundane activity that most of us prefer to do. Some ply the maneuver of soaps, other wield body wash for shower. While there can be a number of tricks, techniques, methods on how to cleanse your body with the assistance of a gel, further we'll discuss some of the easier approaches that tenders to enhance your bathing experience. Plus, they also assure that you get the most out of every shower and feel exceptionally refreshed and clean each time. Keep on reading!
Tip 1: With your Hands
One of the most convenient and prominent options is with your hands. After you have drawn the bath to moisten your body, squeeze a sufficient proportion of body gel out of the container on to your palms. Rub both the hands until the foam is generated to be exercised throughout the body. Post this, rinse off the lather with the aid of water and wait to see a substantial difference in the skin compared to what it was formerly when the body wash wasn't applied.
Tip 2: With a Loofah
The other way out and a more favored method of bathing by the users is with the support of a Loofah. Constituting plastic that it is formed of, when exfoliated on the body, these shower accessories abet to quickly shed off the grime and other dead skin cells effectively furnishing a spa-like experience. All that you need to do is: Add some gel to Loofah, place it under the running tap, and then massage thoroughly all over the body. Sooner you'll realize the formulation of sudsy lathery foam which is, of course, pretty relaxing. Remember not to scrub too hard, as this auxiliary material is there to do much of work for you. Just so you're aware When you wipe your body, much of the dead skin gets attached to the mesh netting, combined by the damp conditions of the bathroom, makes Loofah an ideal player to host a variety of bacterial species. Thus, it's imperative, after each use, it should be washed properly. Plus, don't waste time in replacing it, when you comprehend that it's gone gross.
Tip 3: With a Washcloth
Pondering what to do at times during one of a possible scenario: Loofah has gone gross, no scrubs available? Well, you don't have to worry as a good old washcloth will solve the purpose impressively, alike when you ply other distinct bathing accessories. Grasp the cloth, dispense some gel, and get to the act of slathering. Happy scrubbing!
Tip 4: With a Body Brush
After spending a long hectic day, you come and only look up to your bed for a quality snooze. But, taking a shower before their sleep is an act that most individuals tend to implement these days into their schedules for a powerful nap. Implying a body brush intensifies your bathing experience as it can reach places of the body with ease, which otherwise is sometimes difficult with your hands. Again, you need to put some get gel on it, dampen it, and begin scrubbing. That said, all of the above techniques are simple in their approach to calm and unwind your body, yet you should be soft while scrubbing. After all the aim is to cleanse and exfoliate the body, and not to leave it irritated or raw that might engender various skin diseases. To Explore More Products in the Bath & Body Care Range, Click Here: Also, Don't Forget to check out our Best Sellers!