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Squalane Oil- A Powerful Ingredient for Super-Dry Skin!

When it comes to overseeing our skin, perhaps we don’t hesitate in taking any step to give it an extra oomph. Even if money is burning a hole in the pocket, we don’t mind spending in procuring bling products. While there are oodles of ingredients that we might be conscious of and are persistently employing, there are some that we may have never heard of.

Take the example of squalene. It probably would sound novice to you; however, the ingredient is mundanely seen in the epidermis. Additionally, when subsumed in topicals, it gets morphed to squalane. The buzzy ingredient that has got a lot of fame in the past few years is hailed for its fantabulous ultra-moisturizing and anti-aging features. But the question remains when the skin naturally produces it why include it separately? Well, to get your answers, this article unmasks everything about squalane that you imperatively must know. So, stay tuned with us!

What is Squalane oil?

The primary thing you must be acquainted with squalane (with an “a”) is that it is the hydrogenated version of squalene (with an “e”). Delving a bit deeper; when we babble about squalene, it is fundamentally a lipid that is produced by the oil glands in our skin (as already mentioned above). Foremostly, its function is to nourish and maintain the barrier of the epidermis.

So, this brings us to the main question, then why are we bottling it up? Well, just like other natural compounds, the production of squalene follows a downward curve with age. Hence, to prevent this scarcity, other modalities have to be looked at. Fortunately, scientists have been successfully able to crack a resolution for this by deriving squalene from plant and animal sources. But since this fatty molecule is quite unstable in its purest form, it necessarily has to be hydrogenated. When this transformation completes, what transpires out is a more stable version in the shape of squalane. This is then incorporated into skin topicals that bestow similar perks as delivered by its original molecule-squalene.

How is squalane produced?

In the past, squalane was sourced from the liver of sharks, where it was found in abundance. However, this involved the torture of aquatic animals that are considered unethical. Consequently, there was a furor by people and aficionados around the globe against these illegitimate activities. Thankfully, if we see today, companies have morphed from shark-derived squalane to other sources like extracting the ingredient from plants. Fortunately, this practice has been implemented by many cosmetic enterprises without harming animals. Additionally, squalene is brimming in olive oil and is also extracted from rice bran, wheat germ, and sugar cane-for instance.

Benefits of Squalane oil for skin

Infatuated to know about the ineffable benefits of squalane oil? Keep scrolling down!

  • Prunes the appearance of fine lines

When your face is engrossed by small and shallow lines, these bespeak the possible aging symptoms. Their conspicuousness is first experienced around the peppers as the area here is quite thinner than the rest of the face.

Thus, it seems to be a no-brainer instigating topicals brimming with squalane. Its splendid emollient properties keep the epidermis hydrated and moisturized, which is a powerful step for seeing the backside of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Supple, soft, and slick skin

The way it hydrates, attaining a supple and softer skin is no more an uphill battle. Plus, its antioxidant properties also deserve a loud round of applause for achieving a flawless and slick epidermis. When wielded assiduously in any regimen, squalane tends to even minimize the size of pores.

  • Calms skin to prevent annoyance

When your skin is inflamed because of any reason, the advents of flakiness and redness are likely. What can be your safest bet in such scenarios? Of course, the inclusion of squalane in the schedule! This fairest and square ingredient is also saluted for its skin calming abilities and offers a pleasant sensation.

  • It is non-comedogenic

If you are a neophyte to its use and are getting a bit skeptical thinking that it might congest your pores, remember it is non-comedogenic. This essentially means, squalane is tried and tested, and based on the outcomes, it has been proved that it won’t play a role in blocking the pores.

  • Squalane also controls oil production

Since it is a knock-off of its original version squalene, it can help in controlling the excess sebum production. The skin perceives squalane as naturally occurring oil and thus regulates its generation. So, anyone suffering from acne or oily epidermis may give a chance to squalane topicals.

  • Fading the appearance of dark spots

Whatever the reason might be for the emergence of dark spots, their appearance can indeed lower your self-esteem. Luckily, squalane’s powerful antioxidant qualities can brace in such situations to fade these blemishes rather easily. With the diligent application of its products, expect flawless epidermis ditching contingencies.

  • It’s light in weight

Being light in weight, this attribute of squalane braces it in perforating into the deeper layers of the skin. Here the ingredient duels with any prevailing woes at a cellular level.

  • Propels blood circulation tremendously

Whilst every lubricant that you apply is known to promote blood circulation but the effect almost doubles when squalane oil is embraced. This is a significant step for bolstering the formation of collagen, eventually to furnish a plumper and smoother skin.

Any skin type that should refrain from the use of squalane?

Irrespective of the skin type you own, squalane remains to be safe. People with sensitive or acne-prone skin are also leveraged to wield this ingredient in their routine. As already previously stated, squalane is non-comedogenic. Hence, it doesn’t choke pores and won’t result in skin annoyance.

Is squalane safe when pregnant?

If this is a question that has been haunting you, take it with a grain of salt. Squalane is a stable and saturated oil that is considered quite safe even if you are pregnant. The only thing to check out for when bagging its topicals is the presence of other fly-by-night ingredients that might be inimical.

How to shop its products online?

After going through the ineffable benefits, are you relentlessly scouting for squalane topicals? If yes, you are privileged to get them delivered to your doorsteps. All you need to do is: simply visit our site, choose your favorite topical, add it to the cart and make the payment. Your desired order is likely to be delivered within the shortest span. Additionally, you are empowered to do all such stuff by sitting at the convenience of your household.

Further, let’s get you enlightened with St. Botanica topicals overflowing with the ingredient squalane:

We Suggest: Pure Plant Squalane Skin Restoring Face Oil

No matter if you want a firmer tone, radiant complexion, or extensive hydration the skincare market is engulfed with face oils. One such savior oil with umpteen skin benefits is Squalane oil ““ it’s more than just an emollient. The oil defends against environmental factors without slicking the epidermis. Contrary to renowned belief face oils are extremely beneficial for all skin types.

So, if breakouts, dullness, dry patches, and tight sensation are your primary skin woes it’s time to inculcate face oil in beauty stash. Look no further; give it a shot to St.Botanica Pure Plant Squalane Skin Restoring Face Oil; the luxurious restoring oil contains an innovative blend of potent antioxidants, skin-replenishing plant oils, and vitamins procured hydration to address every skin issue. The key ingredient in the plush product is Olive Squalane ““ rich in hydrating and oil-soluble antioxidants properties abets in effectively moisturizing the deserted thirsty complexion along with minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to proffer visibly refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated complexion.


Not to mention it helps in soothing the irritated tone as well as controls the excess sebum production and banish the stubborn dark spots leaving the epidermis baby smooth, soft, and bouncy. To add squalane oil is non-comedogenic i.e. the skin is hydrated without clogging the pores.

Additionally, the formula is encapsulated with powerful sweet almond oil- also referred to as “king of nuts” is rich in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that offer an array of skin benefits. That said, almond oil prevents water loss and abets in amplifying skin complexion. To add the lightweight oil succor in alleviating dry spots all thanks to its vitamin E attribute the dermis feel and look calm and soothing. Plus almond oil has the prowess of reducing acne scars, puffiness around the pepper, and fine lines on the delicate dermis providing flawless, plump, and tout complexion.

Moreover, the optimal face oil is mixed with the goodness of rice bran oil ““ a powerhouse of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamin B and E that helps in reducing the visible aging signs, protects the epidermis, and proffers extensive hydration. To add the oil is extracted from the hard outer layer of rice. The oil is packed with natural squalene and fatty acids that protect the dermis against environmental stressors like UV rays and air pollution. Plus provides a hefty dose of hydration to parched texture without clogging the pores helps in keeping the skin soothed, supple, and shiny. Besides this, rice bran oil succors in strengthening the skin’s natural barrier. The result is that the dermis retains its elasticity and appears youthful, firm, and nourished.

Furthermore, the face oil is spiked with a powerhouse of antioxidants vitamin E- laden with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and cell turnover properties that not only safeguard the skin against UVB rays (the leading cause of premature aging) but also help in lightening the dark spots (acne scars). To add vitamin E is chock-full of hydration properties that deeply nourish the dreary tone keeping the dry and flakes patches at distance. Most importantly it adds much-needed strength to the skin’s natural barrier ““ a strong barrier indicates hydrated texture, the outcome is healthy and smooth skin for long. With that said our technologically designed squalane oil is suitable for all skin types however normal and dry will reap the maximum benefits. For other skin types, it’s recommended to do a patch test.

Also worth mentioning is the luxe face oil is made without adding any synthetic fragrances, artificial fillers, and harsh toxins such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicone- carrying a safety profile for all skin types.

On top of this all the elements garnered in the product are sourced ethically from Mother Nature without any animal derivatives ““ it is a vegan and cruelty-free product for clean sustainable beauty followers.

Take your beauty armory to a whole new level with this must-have game-changer face oil skin will say thank you and the result will be a younger-looking, firm, and dewy appearance.

Superstar Skincare Ingredient For Dry, Irritated, And Mature Skin- Shop Now!

Fact check: Earlier in the skincare industry the squalane oil was sourced from shark’s livers but now it is derived from plants like rice, olive oil, and sugarcane.

How to Use Squalane Face Oil in a Beauty Regimen?

To reap the ultimate advantages of squalane oil remember to buy organic and pure squalane oil from a reputed brand and avoid nasty additives which can further damage the skin’s microflora.

Step #1 Begin your A.M. and P.M. care regimen with cleansing. It helps in warding off the impurities, dirt, and grime from the skin. To get the best results use a natural face cleanser.

Step #2 Slather your favorite plant-based moisturizer. As per leading dermatologists, it’s suggested to always apply face oil over creams and lotion because after slathering oil it’s difficult for other products to penetrate the skin layers. What comes first? Definitely a moisturizer!

Step #3 During the day or night the choice is yours! Take 4-5 drops of oil onto your palms, smooth the oil on your face and neck for a few minutes. Also using your fist gently massages the oil from eyebrows to the hairline, neck to the jawline, and nose to ears.

Plus when it comes to face oil the thumb rule is ““ “less is more”. So say no to the extra few drops.

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