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Wheat Germ Oil Benefits for Skin & Hair

wheatgerm oil benefits for skin & hair

If you are a beauty enthusiast who intends to preserve their flawless skin perpetually, perhaps your regimen needs the goodness of wheat germ oil. Being lauded for its rich nutrient content along with age-defying characteristics, the ingredient will emerge to be your safest bet. Through this post, we will unveil the benefits of wheat germ oil for skin and hair.

What is Wheat Germ Oil?

This natural ingredient is extracted from wheat germ, it lies in the centre of the wheat berry. The wheat germ is acclaimed to be the most pivotal component of the wheat kernel. It is highly nutritious in nature and is also touted for being brimming with proteins, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and calcium. 

Why Is Wheat Germ Oil Good For The Skin?

There are many wheat germ oil uses. It helps seal moisture back into your skin and doesn’t clog your skin. Using wheat germ oil for skin helps fight skin inflammation and acne. It’s enriched with the goodness of vitamin A, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin D.

Wheat Germ Oil Benefits for Skin   

As we have already seen, wheat germ oil boasts about the large presence of divergent constituents. It boasts of a plethora of skin benefits, out of which some of the most compelling ones are mentioned below. Here are some of the wheat germ oil benefits for skin.

Neutralising Free Radicals

The presence of notorious free radicals is everywhere. Wheat germ oil safeguards your skin from the inimical effects of free radicals but also corrects any grievous damages done to your skin. Moreover, the additional nutrients in wheat germ contribute to further uplifting of your skin’s health. Using wheat germ oil for skin is a great way to nourish your skin.

Profitable In Lightning Scars

Scarring happens when the skin is bruised or wounded. To repair skin damage, wheat germ oil boosts collagen production and helps strengthen your skin. It nourishes your skin with the help of protein. 

Wheat Germ Oil Comes With Anti-Ageing Attributes

Being rich with constituents in the form of vitamins B6, E, and folic acid this face oil makes up a splendid anti-ageing ingredient. Individually, all these elements play a substantial role in accentuating the appearance of your skin.

Wheat Germ Oil Benefits for Hair   

Wheat germ oil is a great source of nutrients for your scalp and hair. Here are some wheat germ oil benefits for hair.

Superb Cleansing Abilities

Did you know? Using wheat germ oil for hair is acknowledged to penetrate into the deeper layers of the scalp and helps get rid of all the toxins. What’s more, it even regulates the production of sebum, which if left ignored could congested pores leading to dandruff and other scalp conditions. 

Hydrated Your Hair

Wheat germ oil is beneficial for your mane too. Possessing abundant volumes of linoleic acid, it acts as a splendid hair nourisher. If you use this hair oil regularly, you will get luscious hair. 

Promotes Hair Growth

The essential nutrients present in this hair growth oil will provide your scalp with all the nourishment it needs to ensure long and luscious locks. 

St.Botanica Recommends Wheat Germ Oil for Hair & Skin

Wheat germ oil boasts to be the one-stop solution for your skin and hair concerns. Planning to incorporate this wonderful oil into your beauty regime? Look no further as we bring to you an effective skincare product that will make your skin and hair healthy.

St.Botanica Recommended Organic Coconut & Wheat Germ Oil For Hair & Skin, 200ml

St.Botanica Organic Coconut & Wheat Germ Oil For Hair & Skin is a nutrient rich blend of Coconut Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Almond Oil, and Avocado Oil. This cold-pressed oil softens your hair and supports healthy hair growth. It also reduces frizz, tangles, and split ends. Regular application helps repair damaged hair and makes your skin radiant. 

How To Use Wheat Germ Oil?

wheatgerm oil uses

You can use wheat germ oil in two simple ways. Here are the main ways you can include this amazing oil in your beauty regimen.

  1. Mix it with other oils like jojoba oil or olive oil before using it. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to it as well.

  2. You can directly use wheat germ oil too. 


Using wheat germ oil for your hair and skin is a great way to moisturise and nourish your skin. You can either mix it with other oils or use it directly. Regular usage will help heal your skin and hair like a pro. 

FAQs About Wheat Germ Oil Benefits for Skin & Hair

Does wheat germ oil brighten skin?

Yes, wheat germ oil helps brighten your skin.

Can I apply wheat germ oil directly on my face?

Yes, you can apply wheat germ oil directly on your face.

Will wheat germ oil clog my pores?

No, wheat germ oil doesn’t clog pores.

Is wheat germ oil good for scars?

Yes, wheat germ oil is good to remove scars from face.

Is wheat germ oil good as sunscreen?

Wheat germ oil is good to repair skin damage, but you should use a dedicated sunscreen to protect your skin from uv rays.

Does wheat germ oil lighten skin?

Yes, wheat germ oil helps lighten your skin. 

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