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Retinol Advanced Combo | Face Mist (120ml ) + Anti Aging Day Cream (50g) With Pouch

Retinol Advanced Combo | Face Mist (120ml ) + Anti Aging Day Cream (50g) With Pouch

With Anti-Aging Benefits of 1% Retinol that Boosts Collagen Production & Improve Skin's Texture

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Retinol Advanced Combo | Face Mist (120ml ) + Anti Aging Day Cream (50g) With Pouch

Retinol Advanced Combo | Face Mist (120ml ) + Anti Aging Day Cream (50g) With Pouch ₹1,299₹2,047

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  • FAQs
  • Face Mist – Instantly refreshes, soothes and hydrated the skin. Rejuvenates the dull, tired and irritated skin and helps restore the healthy state of your skin.
  • Face Mist – Works as a skin toner. Helps reduce excessive oiliness of the skin, and restores the normal oil and pH balance of the skin.
  • Face Mist – Potent anti-aging ingredients infused in the face mist boosts the moisture retention capacity of the skin. Helps your skin regain its youthful suppleness.
  • Day Cream – Intensely moisturizes and keeps skin hydrated the whole day. Relieves skin dryness, softens dry patches, and leaves skin feeling velvety smooth.
  • Day Cream – Regular use helps in firming the skin, and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol, matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, the potent anti-aging ingredients of the day cream, work synergistically to preserve your skin’s youthful elasticity.

Day Cream

StBotanica Retinol Advanced Anti Aging Day Cream is formulated to provide daylong hydration and anti-aging support. It is packed with the finest skin conditioning agents, natural antioxidants and powerful anti-aging compounds. The goodness of natural ingredients infused in the cream rejuvenates your skin. The protective barrier of the skin is strengthened and the harmful effect of exposure to UV rays and pollutants is averted. Your skin receives superior nourishment to stay healthy and look gorgeous.

Soothes and Hydrates

Your skin is intensely moisturized with a mixture of premium natural oils including Moroccan argan oil, extra virgin olive oil, golden jojoba oil, grape seed oil and avocado oil and shea butter. Cucumber cools and increases skin hydration. Honey locks moisture into the skin.

Face Mist

Instantly revitalize your stressed skin after a busy day by spraying the cooling, soothing and hydrating StBotanica Retinol Advanced Anti Aging Face Mist to your face and neck. It distributes moisture evenly all over the skin, and eliminates greasiness and dullness. It’s a versatile skin care essential that you can use any time to enhance your complexion. When used as a toner, it helps tighten skin pores and minimizes appearance of enlarged pores. It boosts your skin’s ability to hold moisture and absorb nutrients when you moisturize your skin with a nourishing lotion or cream. When applied on makeup, it helps in preserving your luminous clear appearance for a longer time.

Refreshes Tired Skin

Maintain a relaxed appearance throughout the day by cooling and soothing your facial skin with Retinol Advanced Anti Aging Face Mist. The cooling cucumber and soothing effect of aloe vera relieve greasiness and dullness and rejuvenate the tired skin.

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