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St.Botanica Espresso-Yourself Skincare Kit | Body Scrub 200ml + Face Wash 100ml | RefinesTexture

St.Botanica Espresso-Yourself Skincare Kit | Body Scrub 200ml + Face Wash 100ml | RefinesTexture

Infused with Coffee and Cocoa Butter for Soft, Toned & Smooth Skin | No Parabens & Sulphates


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St.Botanica Espresso-Yourself Skincare Kit | Body Scrub 200ml + Face Wash 100ml | RefinesTexture

St.Botanica Espresso-Yourself Skincare Kit | Body Scrub 200ml + Face Wash 100ml | RefinesTexture ₹998

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  • A rejuvenating Coffee Face Kit containing St.Botanica’s Mocha Coffee Face Wash and Colombian Supremo Coffee Body Scrub.
  • Formulated with a variety of coffee bean extracts, this caffeine-rich skincare kit comprises products that help deeply cleanse the skin while also infusing nourishment into it to dwindle dullness and dryness.
  • Renowned for their aromatic coming-together for a great beverage, Cocoa Butter and Coffee in this skincare combo will awaken your senses while removing impurities, toxins and excess sebum from the skin. The result is fresh, clean and smooth skin that’s ultra soft to touch.
  • All the products included in this skincare kit are free from mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, silicones and sulphates. Suitable for all skin types, these products are also cruelty-free.

Coffee is famous for not only its aromatic fragrance & taste, it boasts of several skincare benefits as well. Power-packed with several nutrients, antioxidants and fatty acids, Coffee helps retain the elasticity of skin, acts as a great exfoliant, moisturises the skin and can even help fight free radical damage caused on the skin. To help you take advantage of all these benefits, we present to you St.Botanica’s Coffee Face Kit that contains Colombian Supremo Coffee Body Scrub & Mocha Coffee Face Wash. The body scrub gently yet quite effectively buffs away dead skin cells, impurities & toxins while adding a radiant touch to the skin for a smooth, polished appearance. The Face Wash is enriched with numerous skin-nourishing ingredients that hydrate the skin and wash away deep-seated grime & dirt, revealing thoroughly clean, fresh and revitalised skin.

Benefits Of Using This Product 

  1. Gentle Cleansing: St.Botanica’s Mocha Coffee Face Wash is an opulent, hydrating face wash that helps cleanse the skin while nourishing it from deep within. Made with Mocha Seed Powder extract, this mild face wash forms a rich, luxurious lather that helps seal the moisture in, to leave you with clean, refreshed and soft skin.
  2. Moisturised Skin: Skin-conditioning ingredients in these products, like Cocoa Butter & Vitamin E, deeply moisturise the skin while protecting the skin cells from environmental & free radical damage.
  3. Effective Exfoliation: St.Botanica’s Colombian Supremo Coffee Body Scrub is formulated using Colombian Coffee Seed Powder extract, which is a mild and natural exfoliator. It helps purify the skin to remove dirt & toxins and further nourishes it, owing to the presence of ingredients like Sweet Almond Coldpressed Oil and Vitamin B3.
  4. Revitalised Skin: Coffee is known to help detoxify the skin along with promoting microcirculation for glowing and clear skin that feels fresh and looks revitalised.
  5. For Best Results: Use the entire Coffee Skincare Range.

 Who Should Use It?

This coffee face kit is suitable for all skin types.

Why Should You Use It?

No mineral oils

No sulphates

No parabens

Ethically sourced natural ingredients


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