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10 Best Sunscreens For Sensitive Skin

By on February 21, 2012

The sunscreen industry accounts for almost $1 billion every year, but according to health statistics, people around the world are not using enough amount of sunscreen. The number of people diagnosed with skin cancer has increased by almost a third in the last 10 years due to a number of factors such as tanning fads, skin care laziness and bad quality sunscreens.

For people who have sensitive skin, protecting our skin against the harmful UVA & UVB rays of the sun is even more important. Here is a list of the 10 best sunscreens for sensitive skin that will keep it protected against ultraviolet radiations.

List Of Sunscreens For Sensitive Skin

Dermalogica Super Sensitive Face Block

This is a completely natural formulation comprising of titanium oxide, zinc oxide and other natural ingredients such as green tea, lavender and licorice.

Dermalogica Super Sensitive Face Block

It is color free and fragrance free and is great for daily facial skin care. It has an SPF rating of 30 and cost $40 for a 1.7 ounce bottle.

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sun Block

This is a noncomedogenic and extremely lightweight lotion that provides completely UVA & UVB protection. With titanium dioxide as the primary active ingredient, the product is ideal for sensitive skin. However, those with overly sensitive skin should take caution before using it as it contains cetyl alcohol and butylene glycol as well. It offers a sun protection of SPF 30 and costs a low amount of $10 for 4-ounce tube.

Solbar AVO

It comprises of titanium oxide and zinc oxide which are physical sun blockers that are designed especially for sensitive skin.

Solbar AVO

Chemical blockers such as octinoxate, homosalate and oxybenzone protect the sun against UVB rays of the sun. It costs $15 for 4 ounce bottle and offers a protection of SPF 30.

Blue Lizards Australian Sunscreen

It is regarded as one of the best sunscreen by dermatologists as it is a sensitive skin formulation comprising of titanium oxide and zinc oxide. It offers a sun protection of SPF 30 at a low price of $15 for 5-ounce tube.

Hawaiian Tropic Oil-Free Sensitive Skin Spray

Hawaiian Tropic Oil-Free Sensitive Skin Spray

This product is considered to be the perfect option for problem skin prone to acne breakouts. It is an affordable option as it costs $9 for 6 ounces and provide SPF 50 sun protection.

Anthelios 50 Mineral Sunscreen Fluid

It is made using titanium dioxide that defends the skin against UVA rays along with a special blend of antioxidant complex and mineral sun filter known as Cell-Ox Shield. It offers a sun protection of SPF 50 and costs $30 for 1.7 ounce container.

Vanicream Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

The product has been designed especially for people with ultra-sensitive skin and provides protection against UVA & UVB rays. It is free of all dyes, fragrances, oxybenzone, PABA, formaldehyde, lanolin and preservatives, due to which it is perfect for use by the entire family.

Vanicream Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

It offers a sun protection of SPF 60 and cost $18 for a 4-ounce container.

Cotz Face Sensitive Skin Sunscreen

This lotion is made using multiple particle sizes of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It is free off fragrances, PABA, oils and parabens. It is also sweat and water resistant for as many as 80 minutes and is recommended for use by people who have undergone microdermabrasion or chemical peels. It offers a sun protection of SPF 40 and costs $25 for 1.5 ounce tube.

Banana-Boat Baby Tear Free Sun Block

This product has been formulated especially for the delicate skin of a baby and provide broad-spectrum protection against UV rays of the sun.

Banana-Boat Baby Tear Free Sun Block

It is highly water resistant and provides great sun protection of SPF 50 at a small price of $10 for eight ounce bottle.

Cleure Natural Zinc-oxide Sun Screen

The product has been made using 100% Shea butter along with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic and provides a sun protection of SPF 15, due to which it is considered to be suitable for daily wear under makeup. It costs $22 for a 6-ounce tube.