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Buy Best Body Lotion Online To Moisturise & Nourish Your Skin

Just like us, our skin needs love too. Due to changing weather conditions and lifestyle, our skin goes through a lot. This is why we need to follow a proper skin care routine to keep it healthy and nourished all day long.


A good body lotion is a chief product in our body care regime. St.Botanica has launched an exotic collection of naturally made moisturising body lotions amalgamated with the benefits of different botanical ingredients. We are a PETA certified vegan and cruelty free brand specialising into premium hair care, skin care, bath & body care products available at affordable prices. These products are purely magical and organic with sulphate-free and paraben-free formula. 


Explore a bunch of natural body lotion from our bath and body care product categories packed with different nutrients and benefits. Hop on to it and buy body lotion with the scientific blend of natural ingredients for specific skin types for both men and women.

Benefits Of Using Natural Body Lotion

There is no replacement to a good body lotion in your bath and body kits. You may ask why. A body lotion can do endless wonders to your skin, especially keep it warm, nourished, and loved. St.Botanica’s premium range of moisturising body lotion for women contains soulful components and no harsh chemicals. Learn more about the several skin care benefits of our body lotion when you use it on a regular basis.

1) Best Body Lotion Rehydrate Dry Skin

A premium quality body lotion can perhaps treat dullness and prevent skin drying. Our Aloe and Cucumber based formulation is the best lotion for dry skin that helps seal in natural moisture deeply into the skin and keep it hydrated and supple for long.


2) Body Lotion Replenishes Rough Areas

Applying natural skin lotion on a regular basis can treat rough areas and soften your skin with time. St.Botanica’s body lotion has natural emollients to repair rough areas of your body like elbows and knees, making your skin feel softer and smoother.


3) Natural Body Lotion Lightens Dark Spots

A body lotion is the food to your skin. Our exclusive Vitamin C body lotion lightens the skin spots, removes dullness, and rejuvenates your skin from within making it look glowy and healthy.

Essential Ingredients In The Best Body Lotion

We are proudly certified as PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program and follow a cruelty-free manufacturing process. All of our products are devoid of harmful chemicals and aim to deliver a luxury experience at affordable prices online. Using the endowment of Science, our skin experts bring out the best formulations of natural components to create exceptional body lotion for women.


Checkout some of our hero ingredients we use to create the most authentic and quality-driven natural body lotion:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties to protect the skin from photodamage and retains skin elasticity. Shop Vitamin C Body lotion online with a lightweight formula to even skin complexion, reduced pigmentation, dryness and dark spots.

Moroccan Argan Oil

The Moroccan Argan Oil is extracted from the fruits from the Argan tree. Being rich in lipids, Vitamin E and antioxidants, this Moroccan Argan Body Lotion nutrifies the skin with essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals to help boost skin elasticity. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another excellent bank of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients for the skin keeping it healthy & glowing. Try out the Aloe Vera Body Lotion to rejuvenate your skin with ultra-nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in natural antioxidants that help protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun and environmental toxins. Shop moisturising body lotion containing Green Tea extracts to protect your skin from pollution and keep it hydrated and nourished.


Another great natural component for beauty and healthy skin is Cucumber. Cucumber Body Lotion is our best selling natural body lotion for summer with a calming and soothing effect making the skin feel soft and supple.

How To Choose The Best Body Lotion?

With several brands vouching on naturally-made cruelty-free body lotion online, it is difficult to pick the right one. Take a look at our short guide to buy body lotion at St.Botanica suitable for your skin texture and conditions.

Given below are the quick notes to buy body lotion for women at St.Botanica:

According To Skin Type

Before shopping any body lotion online, it is important to know your skin type – combination, oily, dry, or sensitive. Even with the best body lotion, it is difficult to keep your skin healthy looking and nourishing, if you fail to choose the right product with necessary ingredients for your skin type or concern.

According To Season

Yes, it is important to use a moisturising natural body lotion as per the changing seasons. Our skin goes through sudden increase/decrease in dryness and humidity levels depending on seasonal changes. For this, St.Botanica focuses on using different combinations of ingredients to formulate body lotion and body lotion for summer.

Do A Patch Test

Before you buy body lotion, doing patch tests help to review the product for its consistency, greasiness, and thickness. Our lightweight formulas in body lotion at St.Botanica allow your skin to breathe without causing any irritation or reaction. A patch test gives an idea of the product's effectiveness on the skin.

Hydration And Nourishment Levels

A best body lotion for any skin type is considered by the amount of hydration or nourishment it has. St.Botanica uses the perfect combination of ingredients to balance the nourishment and hydration levels for different skin types. If your skin is oily/ combination use a lightweight formula maximising hydration, and for dry skin opt for a thick consistency that allows your skin to lock the natural moisture and supply extra nourishment.

No Harsh Chemicals

It is of prime importance that the products are devoid of any toxic chemicals – no sulphates, no silicon, no parabens, and no mineral oils. St.Botanica’s natural body lotion is made with pure oils, fresh, and natural compounds like Vitamin C, Green Tea and Cucumber.

How To Use Body Lotion Properly?

Body lotion is one of the most important products of your skincare regime. Using it wisely at ideal times and proportion is equally essential. Pick and buy body lotion for women at St.Botanica for your specific skin type and simply follow these quick steps to get the most out of our range of natural body lotion.

After You Shower

The best time to apply any moisturising body lotion is after a shower. Once you’re out of the shower take a towel to dab your skin and leave it damp for maximum absorption. 

Apply The Lotion

Take a coin sized amount of St.Botanica’s natural body lotion and lather it evenly across your body and massage it gently to ease absorption. Make sure that your skin is perfectly clean before applying the lotion.

Before Going To Bed

While we sleep, our skin repairs itself and regenerates new skin cells. During this process, moisture is pulled out of our skin. Hence, applying some nourishing body lotion during your bedtime ritual adds an extra layer of care and protects the skin from dehydration.

Best Selling Body Lotion Price List 

Pamper your skin with our exclusive range of premium quality natural body lotion online enriched with incredible antioxidants and natural emollients to soften the dry patches on your body including the elbows, knees, and heels and lock the moisture for the entire day. 


Hop on and buy natural body lotion online to start your skincare journey with our fast-absorbing body lotion without making the skin greasy.

Last Updated: 28th May 2024

Shop For Best Body Lotions Online At St.Botanica

A body lotion for is one of the ideal and inexpensive ways to pamper your skin after a good shower, keeping the skin soft and nourished for the day. A best moisturising body lotion contains vital nourishing emollients and properties to seal in moisture, prevent drying, and heal itchy skin.


St.Botanica skin experts has launched a curated collection of natural body lotion for different skin types having no side effects or toxic chemicals. Do not miss to explore the premium range of body care products in handmade soap, face & body oil, hand wash, diffuser oil, and more.

Buy Natural Body Lotion And Other Skincare Products Online At St.Botanica 

St.Botanica is a premium brand developing innovative natural skincare, haircare and bath and body products based on bioactive ingredients and essential oils with no sulphates, no parabens, no silicon, no mineral oils. Our exotic bundle of organic body care products include body scrub, body wash, body massage oil, essential oil, and more.


Our team of cosmetic scientists has formulated these wellness products after intensive research, making them absolutely vegan and cruelty-free. Moreover, these products are dermatologically tested and sourced with authentic ingredients.


We aim to offer luxury and premium selfcare experience through our beauty & wellness products at affordable prices online. Our vision is to become an ideal beauty and wellness destination to shop the best  bodycare , haircare and skincare products online

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Q: Is body lotion and koi body moisturiser the same thing?

The main difference between a body lotion and moisturiser is its consistency and use. Body lotion comes with a thick liquid solution for body use and not the face. Whereas moisturisers are available in gel, cream, or liquid formulas used to apply on both face and body.

Q: Should I use body lotion every day?

Yes, one should apply body lotion at least once a day. For best results, apply it after your shower when your skin is warm and damp with maximum absorption capability.

Q: Which is better, body lotion or moisturiser?

Both body lotion and moisturiser are essential in your skincare regime. Body lotion is used to nourish your heels, elbows, hands and feet. Whereas the right moisturiser formula (gel, cream, or liquid formula) for your skin type is for facial use to prevent your skin from dullness and dryness.

Q: Can I use 2 body lotions at the same time?

Using two lotions isn’t bad, if they are natural body lotions with no harsh chemicals inside. Make sure the ingredients do not cancel out each other’s benefits and are not heavy on the skin making it feel very greasy.

Q: What is skin/body lotion used for?

Body lotion helps deeply moisturise and condition your skin keeping it satiated for hydration and nourishment during the day.

Q: Which body lotion is best for dry skin?

St.Botanica’s body lotion is made with potent natural ingredients and plant oils making it the best for dry skin.

Q: Which body lotion is best for oily skin?

St.Botanica’s body lotion for oily skin is enriched with hydrating ingredients which help moisturise your skin without clogging pores or making it greasy.

Q: Can oily skin use body lotion?

Yes, one should use body lotion even if you have oily skin. The reason is keeping your skin without moisture or nourishment may counteract to produce more sebum making it more oily/greasy.

Q: Which body lotion is best for skin brightening?

St.Botanica’s Vitamin C Skin Brightening Body Lotion can be your ideal choice as the best body lotion of skin brightening.

Q: Which body lotions are paraben free?

St.Botanica’s entire body lotion range is paraben free, sulphate free, mineral oil free and silicone free.

Q: Which body lotion is best for all seasons?

Aloe vera body lotion is best for all seasons. Try St.Botanica’s Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Cucumber Body Lotion to keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated for long hours.

Q: How many times can body lotion be applied?

One should use body lotion twice a day in your morning and night time skincare routine.

Q: Do I need body lotion in summer?

Yes, one should use a hydrating body lotion in summer that is infused with ingredients like aloe vera, green tea and cucumber.

Q: Which is the best natural body lotion for dry skin in winters in India?

St.Botanica’s Moroccan Argan Oil Ultra Nourishing Body Lotion is the best natural body lotion for dry skin in winters.

Q: Can body lotion be applied on the face?

Yes, body lotion has a lightweight and runny consistency which can be also applied on face.