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Keratin Shampoo

Buy Best Keratin Shampoo Online To Replenish Hair's Protein and Hydration 

A keratin shampoo is the best pick when it comes to nurturing coloured hair and dry hair. It is crucial to choose a natural product that caters to your hair concerns. St.Botanica’s keratin shampoo range is not only natural but also nourishing. Created from natural and enriching ingredients, our professional keratin shampoos will solve all your hair woes. 


St.Botanica has always aimed at being a quality-driven brand with its premium range of cruelty free shampoos and other natural hair care products. Our authentic range of keratin hair shampoos is devoid of harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, silicones, and mineral oils. Go ahead! Explore our keratin shampoo range online. 

What Is Keratin Shampoo & Why You Should Use It?

Natural keratin shampoo is infused with the benefits of keratin protein. It helps deeply cleanse your hair without stripping off the natural oils. It helps strengthen the hair shaft and protect the follicles preventing unwanted hair breakage. Hence, using keratin shampoo for thin hair makes it very suitable for hair fall and other thinning hair problems.


The keratin shampoo for colored hair care helps smoothen the locks and prevents the color from fading. Not only does it keep the hair color intact but also increase healthy hair growth, prevents split ends and frizziness.

What Does Keratin Shampoo Do?

Keratin is a protein that helps define the hair tensile strength and elasticity. The keratin nourishing shampoo penetrates deep into the hair shaft, adds strength and thickens the hair. It offers required nourishment and care to your locks to leave you withba silkier, smoother and fuller looking mane.

Benefits of Keratin Shampoo

A keratin shampoo is the best way to nourish your mane and combat frizz. Our range of keratin hair shampoos are created from the best natural ingredients. Among the various benefits of keratin for hair, combating dryness and damage with ease are the most common. Here are some amazing benefits of using keratin hair shampoos. Here are some amazing Benefits of Using Keratin Hair Shampoos.

1: Keratin Shampoo Provides Nourishment

Keratin present in this chemical free shampoo provides the required nourishment to each hair strand. It also helps in making your mane more manageable. The key ingredients present in this keratin hair shampoo moisturise your scalp and help in healthy growth.

2: Keratin Shampoo Helps To Get Stronger And Longer Hair

The keratin hair shampoo helps to strengthen your hair and stimulate hair growth too. Being rich in vitamins and minerals, it won’t be wrong to say that keratin shampoo will provide your scalp with all the nutrients it needs for healthy hair growth.

3: No Split Ends

Our professional keratin shampoos help make your hair thicker and longer. It helps minimise itchiness, dryness and hair split ends. All thanks to its natural ingredients, this shampoo gently cleanses and conditions your hair without drying it out. Cleansing your hair was never so nourishing. 

4: Keratin Shampoo Reduces Hair Damage

If hair damage is bothering you, then you have arrived at the right place. The keratin shampoo penetrates the hair cortex and helps repair hair damage caused by chemicals and colour treatment. Using the best keratin shampoo will improve your hair texture and make it soft.

How To Use Keratin Shampoo For Best Results

Keratin shampoo is quite convenient to use and leaves your hair thoroughly cleansed. Using sulphate free keratin shampoo will make your hair moisturised and immune from hair woes. Here’s how you can use keratin hair shampoo to get the best results. These three simple steps will transform your hair and bring out the best version of your mane. 

Step 1: Oil Your Mane

Make sure to pamper your scalp with a good scalp massage. Massage your scalp for about 5-10 minutes, before proceeding to apply the chosen natural hair oil. Keep the oil on for about a few hours. You can also keep it overnight and wash it off the next day. 

Step 2: Time To Wash

Wash your hair with St.Botanica Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Shampoo. This hair smoothening shampoo is not only mild and natural but will also leave your hair nourished and healthy. Devoid of harsh chemicals, our sulphate free keratin shampoo is the best way to cleanse your hair. Wet your hair thoroughly and apply a generous amount of keratin shampoo. Gently massage your scalp for a few minutes to cleanse all the dirt and grime. Wash your hair with plenty of water.

Step 3: Condition Like A Pro

Once you are done with oiling and cleansing, it’s time to seal in all the moisture. Use a natural hair conditioner to make your hair soft and manageable. Apply the Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Conditioner on wet hair, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse off.

Best Selling Keratin Hair Shampoo Price List

These best keratin shampoos will help provide complete care for coloured hair and dry hair. Using these colored hair shampoos will be a great way to get rid of frizzy hair whilst also adding shine and strength. Our keratin shampoos are devoid of any harmful chemicals and are cruelty-free as well. We at St.Botanica believe in bringing to you natural and cost-effective products. 

Here are the prices of our best-selling keratin hair shampoos that will tackle your hair problems. 

Last Updated: 19th June 2024

About St.Botanica Keratin Shampoo Range

Professional Keratin shampoos are blessed with the goodness of keratin that helps in adding strength and moisture to each hair strand. The keratin present in this shampoo nourish your hair and scalp. Keratin hair shampoo keeps your hair frizz-free and lustrous. Including keratin hair shampoo in your hair care routine will make your hair thicker and combat hair damage too

St.Botanica believes in creating cruelty-free, keratin shampoos that are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, silicones, sulfates, and mineral oils. Our keratin shampoo range is a one-stop solution for those with coloured hair and dry hair.

Buy Best Keratin Shampoo And Other Keratin Hair Products Online On St.Botanica

We at St.Botanica believe in creating affordable, authentic, and cruelty-free products for your skin and hair. Our natural formulas are created from ethically sourced ingredients and are dermatologically tested. 

Our quality-driven brand believes in creating premium products that are formed after extensive research by a team of cosmetic scientists. Our range of hair care, bath & body, skincare, and wellness products are free from mineral oils, parabens, silicones, and sulfates. You can also check out St.Botanica Blog and St.Botanica YouTube channel to know more about our brand. Join us on our amazing journey and don’t forget to shop online from our website or hair products app.  

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Q: Which keratin shampoo is best?

St.Botanica’s Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy works best for all hair types. Infused with the goodness of keratin and argan essential oil it helps increase hair growth, boost strength and ensure healthy-looking hair.

Q: Is it OK to use keratin shampoo everyday?

No you should use keratin shampoo only twice a week and not beyond. Using it on a daily basis can make your hair dull, damaged and frizzy.

Q: Are keratin shampoos safe?

Yes, St.Botanica’s keratin shampoo range is 100% safe, gentle and effective for daily use. It is formulated using botanical science and doesn’t contain any m traces of paraben, sulphate, mineral oils or SLS.

Q: Is St.Botanica keratin shampoo good for thin hair?

Keratin shampoo sinks into the hair shaft and strengthens the locks. It also helps boost healthy growth and thickness making it suitable for thinning hair.

Q: Does keratin shampoo increase hair growth?

Keratin shampoo offers extended nourishment and care to your tresses leaving you with a thicker, fuller and stronger hair.

Q: How often should I wash my hair with keratin shampoo?

One should shampoo your hair twice a week and not more than that.

Q: Does keratin shampoo help with frizz?

Keratin shampoo penetrates deep into the hair shaft, nourishes the hair and tames frizzy flyaways leaving you with a healthy soft mane.

Q: Is keratin shampoo good for hair loss?

Keratin shampoo helps effectively nourish the follicles, strengthen the locks and fights frizziness preventing unwanted hair breakage or hair fall.

Q: Is keratin shampoo good for color-treated hair?

Yes, you can apply natural keratin shampoo for colored haircare. It adds a protective coat along the hair shaft preventing fading of color and damage. It also helps fight dryness and prevent frizziness.

Q: Who should use keratin shampoo?

Keratin shampoo helps effectively cleanse the scalp without causing dry or brittle hair. It helps tame frizzy flyaways, repair damaged hair and prevent hair loss.

Q: Is keratin shampoo safe for coloured or chemically-treated hair?

Yes, keratin shampoo is good for coloured and chemically treated hair. It is extra nourishing and moisturizing for hair.

Q: How long does keratin hair treatment last?

Keratin hair treatment lasts 1-2 years if you take good care of your hair.

Q: Is St.Botanica's range of keratin shampoo sulphate-free?

St.Botanica’s keratin shampoo has no traces of harmful chemicals like paraben, sulphate, mineral oil or SLS.

Q: How does keratin shampoo differ from regular shampoo?

Keratin shampoo helps deeply condition the scalp, remove impurities and promote healthy hair growth.

Q: Can professional keratin shampoo be used on all hair types?

Yes, professional keratin shampoo is used for all hair types.

Q: How does professional keratin shampoo differ from regular shampoo?

Professional keratin shampoo contains excellent nourishing ingredients that help protect the hair shaft, protect hair colour treatment and keep your hair frizz-free. Regular shampoo is good for daily cleansing and hydration only.

Q: Is keratin shampoo good for hair?

Yes, keratin hair shampoo is great for your hair. Blessed with the goodness of natural ingredients, this keratin shampoo helps you achieve smooth and frizz-free hair. Keratin nourishes your hair follicles and adds nourishment to each hair strand, making them healthier and shinier.

Q: What is keratin shampoo?

A keratin shampoo has keratin as a key ingredient. Keratin provides nourishment to each hair strand and helps make them more manageable. Keratin protein molecules can easily penetrate the hair shaft and help smoothen the hair cuticles. It also controls frizz and makes hair stronger.

Q: How do I know if my shampoo has keratin?

The best way to know if your shampoo has keratin or not is to check the ingredients list of your product. If you spot terms like ‘hydrolyzed keratin’ and ‘keratin amino acids’, then your shampoo has keratin in it. Those shampoos which have keratin as the main ingredient are known as keratin shampoos.

Q: Are keratin shampoos good for curly hair?

Yes, keratin shampoos are good for curly hair. Keratin helps strengthen curls and combat frizz too. Using a keratin shampoo is the best way to provide your curls with a healthy dose of nourishment. It will also eliminate dryness and add an enviable shine to your curly locks.