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Keratin For Hair – Benefits and Uses

Keratin For Hair & Know Benefits and Uses

Keratin is a natural protein found in hair, nails, and skin.

It is a structural building block of protective protein that prevents the daily wear and tear of the cells.

With numerous keratin benefits for hair, it is used in formulating natural hair care products, including hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, and serum.

Moreover, there are salon Keratin treatments that offer vital supplements to strengthen, straighten and smoothen your hair making it look super-healthy and gorgeous.

Our cosmetic scientist at St.Botanica tapped into the different keratin uses for hair and recommends the best keratin infused treatments for specific hair types or problems. 

Keep scrolling down to learn more about keratin benefits and uses.

Benefits Of Using Keratin For Hair

Our nails and hair are made of natural protein known as keratin. Knowing the ability of keratin benefits, several beauty brands have launched a range of organic hair care products made with the keratin as its hero hair care ingredient. Keratin prevents heat damage, breakage and de-frizz the hair. 

Let’s dig deep into the keratin benefits for hair.

1 – Strengthens Hair

Keratin comprises tiny protein molecules that can easily penetrate the hair shaft when applied topically. It helps smoothen the hair cuticles, controls frizz, and makes hair strong and easy to manage. Using Keratin for hair treatments rejuvenates your hair strands making it look healthier and firmer.

2 – Smooths Hair & Reduces Frizz

Keratin for hair offers essential nutrients to the tresses, making them more manageable, smoother and straighter with every use. It helps make your hair frizz-free, easy to detangle, and smoothen out the hair tresses resulting in a gorgeous looking mane.

3 – Adds Shine

Keratin conditions hair, repairs the damaged hair cuticles, and nourishes them back to life and gives natural shine to them. It preserves hair elasticity in the long run and works perfect for hair’s resilience, and lustre.

4 – Reduces Split Ends

Keratin forms a protective coating on the hair shafts to guard against the harsh environmental effects and pollutants that dehydrate the hair. It helps the hair locks to retain the natural moisture, prevent hair brittleness, roughness and breakage. It replenishes the hair cuticles leaving no unwanted split ends.

5 – Reduce Hair Porosity

Keratin treatment for hair can help nutrify your hair with the keratin protein making it thick and nourished. It reduces the  hair porosity (ability to absorb and retain hydration) which means your hair does not lose water or get dry very soon, keeping it hydrated and alive.

How To Use Keratin For Hair

In-salon keratin treatments for hair may be very fancy giving instant results of healthy-looking shiny straight hair. However, our hair experts at St.Botanica recommend at-home keratin uses for hair instead of going for a salon-treatment. 

St.Botanica has introduced a wide variety of Keratin hair care products including Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Serum and Hair Spray. Find out more about putting these products into regular use and see incredible keratin benefits for hair.

Keratin Shampoo

The Keratin Shampoo not only cleans the scalp and hair intensively but helps transform it into strong, smooth, beautiful tresses leaving no residue. It protects the hair shafts from moisture loss and environmental damage. 

St.Botanica Recommends Best Keratin Shampoo: Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Shampoo, 300ml

St. Botanica’s Keratin Shampoo Smooth Therapy shampoo comes with a rare blend of argan oil, vitamins, and gentle cleansing agents that remove excess oil from the scalp and hair without drying out the hair. It has essential bioactive ingredients that repairs the damaged hair cuticles, holds the natural moisture, making it smooth and soft.

Keratin Conditioner

Using a Keratin hair conditioner everytime after you shampoo, helps detangle hair, tame flyaway hair and smoothen out frizzy hair. It contains natural oil, plant extracts and keratin compounds for  renewal of keratin protein in the hair and thereby supports hair growth.

St.Botanica Recommends Best Keratin Conditioner: Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Conditioner, 300ml

St.Botanica’s Pro Keratin Conditioner has a rich-creamy consistency to form a protective coating on the hair shafts to guard against the harsh environmental agents and pollutants. The high concentration of natural components provides a hair tonic and assists in straightening and detangling the hair, preventing breakage, and making it look stronger.

Keratin Hair Mask

A good Keratin hair mask works as an at-home keratin treatment because of its soothing properties and nutrifies the hair tresses. It is used to enhance scalp health, transfer required nutrients for hair growth, promote healthy hair, and prevent split ends.

St.Botanica Recommends Best Keratin Hair Mask: Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Hair Mask, 200ml

By using the St.Botanica’s Pro Keratin Hair Mask , you can nourish your hair with the vital components of argan oil, keratin protein, and Vitamin E making them manageable, healthy, and straighter with every use. This cruelty-free product has all the organic components required to improve the scalp health and promote healthy hair growth.

Keratin Hair Serum

Keratin hair serum protects your hair against pollution damage, heat styling, and easily detangles them to make them easier to style. The non-greasy texture easily helps tame frizzy hair while detangling the mane and give a more replenished look.

St.Botanica Recommends Best Keratin Hair Serum: Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Hair Serum, 120ml

Apply the St.Botanica’s Keratin Hair Serum  on damp hair after using the Keratin conditioner. The goodness of pro keratin, argan oil  and other nourishing combinations of ingredients in the keratin serum delivers the nutrients to your hair, improves elasticity, prevents premature breakage, and most importantly prepares it for styling.

Keratin Hair Spray

A natural Keratin hair spray  product contains conditioning elements to form a protective coating on the hair strands. It works wonders for dull & dry hair to instantly retain hydration, smoothness and lost shine. This hydration boosting product gives a fuller appearance to your tresses and hence gives a volumising effect to it.

St.Botanica Recommends Best Keratin Hair Spray: Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Spray, 200ml

St. Botanica’s Keratin & Argan Oil Hair Spray is naturally made hair volumising product for superior nourishment. This is a unique hair spray enriched with organic ingredients and no parabens, no sulphates, and no mineral oils to revitalise your tresses, leaving them looking young and healthy.

Hair Type Considerations Before Buying Keratin Products or Keratin Treatment

Keratin benefits the unruly, damaged, and dry hair types be it Keratin treatments or Keratin Products. It is usually preferred for people who love fuller looking straight hair.

If you’re fed with unmanageable frizzy dry hair then a Keratin treatment is the right choice for you. With a Keratin treatment, you will not only be able to style it straight everyday but get a healthy looking gorgeously flowing mane. 

For people with curly or wavy hair keratin hair care products work best to get rid of flyaways leaving a smooth, shiny, and volumising effect on hair. However, getting a keratin treatment for curly hair will change your natural hair shape to smooth, shiny, and relaxed straight hair. 


We hope this blog turned out to be useful in understanding the keratin uses for hair for different hair types and considerations. Explore our natural hair care products containing keratin for hair and a variety of other plant-based ingredients for different types and concerns. Love reading interesting guides on hair care and skin care? Stay tuned to learn more.

FAQs About Keratin For Hair, Its Benefits & Uses 

Is keratin good for hair?

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in the hair and it’s good for making the hair more manageable and frizz-free, reducing dullness. However, the result of Keratin for hair as a treatment varies for different hair shapes and conditions. 


Is it good to use keratin daily?

Keratin treatment is good if your hair is unmanageable and you like it to style straight everyday. However, if your hair is chemically treated or rough, you can switch to naturally-infused keratin hair care products for daily use and better hair results.

Is keratin treatment good for hair loss?

Keratin works perfect for damaged, brittle, and unmanageable hair leaving a replenished look to your hair. It prevents unwanted hair breakage and reduces split ends helping to fight against hair loss. 

Is keratin good for hair growth?

With the use of keratin hair care products or doing keratin treatments can replenish the damaged hair cuticles, make your hair stronger, and less prone to breakage. This helps in promoting natural hair growth and longer hair strands.

What are some major keratin uses for hair?

The hair cuticles absorb the protective protein called Keratin to repair damaged hair. Keratin also removes frizziness and dullness making hair look smooth, manageable, healthy, and easy to style. One of the best ways to get keratin benefits is by Keratin treatments – at Home or Salons.


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