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Perfume For Women

Perfume For Women

Buy Best Perfume For Women Online On St.Botanica

Every woman has a specific taste when it comes to her perfume. At St.Botanica, we bring you an exclusive set of luxury perfume for women. 

The entire range is made with exotic perfumes oils available in fruity, sensual and smoky fragrances. Keep reading to get your hands on the best ladies perfume online only at St.Botanica.


Types Of Best Luxury Perfume For Her

St.Botanica offers you a selective range of female perfume. Here are different types of luxury perfume for women:

Parfum for Women

Parfum (perfumes) for women has the highest concentration of 20-30% fragrance oils making it the best long lasting perfume for women compared to other ladies perfumes. 

Eau De Parfum for Women

The best eau de parfum for women is made with a higher concentration of 15-20% fragrance oils. This type of perfume for women lasts longer up to 5-6 hours. It is best used as a long wear fragrance for women during occasions.

Eau De Toilette for Women

Eau de toilette fragrances for women have slightly lesser concentration compared to eau de parfum for women. The 10-15% of fragrance oil concentration lasts up to 2-3 hours. You can use it on clothes for everyday wear.

Eau De Cologne for Women

Eau de Cologne has the least concentration of 2-5% of fragrance oils. It has a mild and a refreshing scent that lasts upto 2 hours only.

Deodorants for Women

Deodorants are basically the best body spray for women with 6-8% fragrance oil concentration. They are best for the armpits or neck to mask body odor. It kills the bacteria from perspiration ensuring you smell fresh and good all day long.


Body Mist for Women

Body mist for women is naturally hydrating with 2-3% of fragrance oils. It has the lightest scent of all and can be spritzed all over the body/clothes after a shower. It is best for frequent reapplication to feel fresh and light. 

How To Choose Best Perfume For Women

One should pick the best fragrances for women based on certain parameters. Here are few checkpoints for you:

Concentration of Perfume Oils

The concentration percentage decides the strong scent and long-lasting effect of fragrance. If you want to opt for a strong long lasting perfume for women that lasts around 5-6 hours go for eau de parfum, whereas if you’re looking for a mild scent that lasts for 3-4 hours go for eau de toilette. If you want something fresh and light that stays for upto 2 hours only, eau de cologne is best.

Check The Scent Notes of Perfume

The notes of the ladies perfume defines the scent family. There are basically 3 notes which are top note, middle note and base note. Top note is the scent that first hits the nose on application. The middle note is the scent that is felt after a few minutes of application. The base note is the foundational fragrance of the perfume which stays until the perfume fades completely. Here’s the suggestive combination of notes for you:

  • Citrus Floral

  • Smoky Woody

  • Fresh Floral Aquatic

  • Fresh Floral Oriental

Clean and Chemical-Free Brand

The best female perfume is IFRA-certified, derived from the fragrance oils of plant-based extracts. Hence, opt for a brand that produces perfumes from imported fragrance oils having no traces of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils or synthetic essence. 

How To Use Perfume For Women

Here are some of the tips to use any ladies perfume correctly:

  • Spritz the perfume from a distance of 10-20 cm so that it spreads equally across the areas.

  • First spray it on your body and then on the clothes.

  • Do not overdo it, nor rub it. This could lead to stains or make it evaporate.

  • Always apply the long lasting ladies perfume on the specific pulse points of the wrist, neck, elbow and behind the ear. This makes the perfume last longer.

Best-Selling Luxury Perfume For Women Price List

Looking to add the best body splash for women? We have got you covered. Check out the entire collection below to pick your favourite luxury perfume:


List Of Best Perfume For Ladies



Carolina Amber Eau De Parfum For Women

999 INR


Amalfi Citrus Eau De Parfum For Women

999 INR

Last Updated: 19th June 2024 

Buy Best Luxury Perfume For Women Online And Other Self Care Products Online At St.Botanica

St.Botanica’s offers the best perfume for women online. The entire range not only includes the best ladies fragrances but also the perfume pack for women. These are the best perfumes for ladies made from long lasting fragrance oils of orange flower, jasmine, and lemon extracts. Unlike commercial women's cheap perfumes, they are made from imported perfume oils. making them potent and rich for regular use.


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Q: Which St.Botanica perfume is best for females?

St.Botanica Carolina Ambe Eau De Parfum with sensual fruity smell is well suited for females.

Q: Why do girls put perfume on their ankles?

Applying perfumes on the warmest spots of the body such as pulse points of ankles makes it last longer. You can also apply it on pulse points of the wrist, neck, back of the ear and shoulder blades to smell good all day long.

Q: Which St.Botanica fragrance is best for women?

St.Botanica’s Amalfi Citrus Eau De Parfum is the best perfume scent for women.

Q: Where to buy perfect perfume for women online?

You can buy the best luxury perfumes for her including a fragrance kit online from St.Botanica. You can also download the St.Botanica App to stay updated about latest offers and product discounts.

Q: Are online perfumes for ladies ?

Yes, you can always explore a wide range of luxury perfumes for women from different  brands online.