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To ensure that your skin remains youthful and radiant, you need to start using an anti-ageing serum at the right time. Anti ageing serums are lightweight formulations that are readily absorbed by your skin. These products keep your skin smooth and flawless. 


We at St.Botanica strive to create the best anti-ageing serum for all skin types. Our anti-aging serums are enriched with the goodness of ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. Our serums don’t contain harmful chemicals like parabens, silicones, and mineral oils. 


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Benefits Of Using Anti Ageing Serum

Using an anti-ageing serum will leave you with soft and radiant skin. Here are the top benefits of using an anti-ageing serum

1. Combats Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Anti-ageing serums can help combat concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin. Regular usage can improve your overall skin health.  

2. Promotes Skin Elasticity

Anti ageing serums are lightweight formulations that moisturise and hydrate your skin. It increases collagen production, ensuring soft and supple skin.

3. Brightens Complexion

Anti wrinkle serums have skin-brightening properties that heal and nourish your skin inside and out. Including these serums in your skincare regimen make your skin even-toned.

4. Reduces Dark Spots 

Applying anti-ageing serums can reduce the appearance of age spots and dark spots, leaving you with a glowing complexion. It can improve the cell turnover rate to reveal a glowing complexion. 

5. Fights Acne

The ingredients present in anti-ageing serums can soothe inflammation caused by acne. Those with acne-prone skin can benefit a lot from these serums as it can reduce the appearance of breakouts too.

Best Ingredients To Look For In Anti Ageing Serum

Looking for the best anti-ageing serum. Here are some of the best ingredients that you should look for in the best nighttime anti aging serum

1. Retinol

Retinol is one of the best anti-ageing ingredients. It helps repair your skin, lighten dark spots, fight wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It boosts collagen production, leaving you with a glowing complexion.  

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is enriched with the goodness of antioxidants. It helps hydrate your skin and reducing the appearance of blemishes. Vitamin C is knows to stimulate cell turnover rate, ensuring a radiant complexion.

3. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a deeply-moisturising ingredient. It penetrates deep into your skin to improve skin texture. Hyaluronic acid ensures soft and supple skin. It’s suitable for all skin types. 

4. Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps moisturise your skin and boost collagen production. Having vitamin E in your wrinkle serum, will protect and heal your skin. 

5. Niacinamide

Niacinamide helps repair damaged skin. It’s a great pick for those who want to fight visible signs of ageing and age spots. Make way for a youthful and radiant complexion with niacinamide by your side. 

Anti Ageing Skin Care Routine With Best Anti Ageing Serum

We bring to the best anti-ageing skincare routine and how you need to apply an anti-ageing face serum correctly. 

Step 1: Cleanse Gently:

Make sure to double cleanse. Remove all the make-up with a micellar water. Follow it up with a face wash. Massage your wet skin with a face wash for a minute and then use lukewarm water to wash your face.

Step 2: Tone

After cleansing, use a cotton ball to apply a face toner on your damp face. You can also spray the product on your face. This will help close the pores and remove any leftover residues. 

Step 3: Serum Time

After applying a toner, apply an anti-ageing serum to hydrate your skin. This will make your skin soft and supple. 

Step 4: Moisturise

Once your skin has absorbed the serum, moisturise your face with an anti-ageing day cream or night cream. If you are going to step out during the day, then apply a sunscreen as well. 

Tips To Choose Best Anti Ageing Serum

Here are some simple tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing the best night serum for wrinkles.

  • Look for ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. 

  • Stay away from chemicals like parabens, mineral oils, and silicones. 

  • Opt for lightweight formulations that hydrate your skin without making it oily.

  • Always do a patch test before using the product on your face. 

  • Always read the labels, make sure it states “anti-ageing serum” and delivers what it promises. 

Best Selling Anti Ageing Serum Price List

We bring to you our best night serum for wrinkles. These serums will help protect and nourish your skin.

Product Name


Goji Berry Sunscreen Serum SPF 50 PA+++

INR 398

Retinol 1% + Bakuchi 2% + Hyaluronic Acid 0.5% Professional Face Serum

INR 598

Matrixyl 3000 10% + Alpha Arbutin 1% + Hyaluronic Acid 1% Professional Face Serum

INR 699

365 PM Skin Firming Serum

INR 649

Antioxidant Boost Serum + Moisturiser

INR 699

Nature’s Vitamin C Brightening Night Serum

INR 499

Vitamin C 20%, E & Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

INR 349

Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C & E Face Serum, 20ml

INR 599

Vitamin C 15%, E & Hyaluronic Acid, Age Defying & Skin Clearing Serum, 30ml

INR 799

Vitamin C 25% Professional Face Serum

INR 899

Last Updated: 10th June 2023

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A serum for fine lines works efficiently to protect and nourish your skin. Not only is it suitable for all skin types but also works tirelessly to combat visible signs of ageing. The best serum for aging skin helps soften your skin and provides it with all the required nourishment. Always choose the best anti aging night serum that works well for your skin. 


St.Botanica has always worked towards creating chemical-free anti ageing serums that are devoid of harmful chemicals like mineral oils, parabens, and silicones. Our range of anti-wrinkle serums contains many beneficial ingredients. 


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