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Hydrating Toner & Mist

Hydrating Toner & Mist

Buy The Best Hydrating Toner & Face Mist Online in India

When your skin feels dry and lifeless, a hydrating spray is all you need for a refreshing face glow. There are basically two options when it comes to moisturising spray for facehydrating toner and face mist.

At St.Botanica, we end your search for the best hydrating toner. Made with naturally-derived botanical extracts, these face-hydrating toners boost hydration, protect your face from harsh sun rays, and leave a rejuvenating effect on your skin. Read on to pick your favourite.

How To Use Hydrating Toner & Face Mist?

Here are a few steps to applying a hydrating toner and face mist:

How to Apply Hydrating Toner?

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

  • Take a cotton pad and add a few drops of hydrating toner to it.

  • Apply it all over your face including neck areas.

How to Apply Face Mist?

  • Remove the cap of the face mist spray and keep it 10-12 inches away.

  • Close your eyes and spray it all across the face.

  • Allow your skin to absorb it for 15-30 seconds.

  • Follow it up with your regular skincare routine.

When To Use Hydrating Toner & Face Mist?

Wondering when you should use a hydrating toner and face mist in your skincare routine? Here are the points to keep in mind:

When to Use a Hydrating Toner?

  • Use it after face wash and before moisturiser.

  • Apply it before using a face mist.

  • Apply it to prep your skin (cleanse, tone, moisturise) before doing makeup.

When to Use Face Mist?

  • Spray it off after a workout session to rejuvenate your skin.

  • Use it every few hours during the day to rehydrate your face.

  • Use it before makeup or after makeup.

  • Apply it before face moisturiser to increase the skin’s absorption capacity.

  • Use it after face toner to intensely hydrate your skin.

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St.Botanica has specially designed an exclusive set of hydrating face sprays.  Explore and shop from a variety of natural hydrating face mists and toners listed below:

Last Updated: 26th May 2024

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St.Botanica’s hydrating toners and face mist are infused with essential vitamins and antioxidants. Made with hydration boosters like aloe vera, green tea, cucumber and hyaluronic acid, these face mists & toners are 100% pure, organic and natural for everyday use. Adding it to your daily skincare routine in summer or any other season helps fight pigmentation, keep your skin hydrated and enhance your overall complexion. Get your hands on the best hydrating face mist to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed for long hours.

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St.Botanica offers you a special range of hydrating mists enriched with natural ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera, and glycerine. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, these moisturising toners are perfect to keep your skin clean, clear and glowing. Explore and shop top-quality hydrating face toners for all skin types.

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Q: Do I really need a hydrating toner?

A hydrating toner is a must in your skincare routine post-cleansing. It helps restore pH level, allows better penetration of skincare products and prevents irritation.

Q: Do hydrating toners work?

Hydrating toners have excellent moisturising and soothing properties to restore the skin’s pH level, reduce inflammation and smoothen texture.

Q: Is rosewater a hydrating toner?

Yes, rosewater has great hydrating and cooling abilities to keep your skin soft, smooth and moisturised.

Q: What is the difference between toner and hydrating toner?

Toner helps clear out residual impurities from the face post-cleansing and balances skin pH levels. Whereas, a hydration toner does the job of a toner while giving a hydra boost.

Q: Can I use a hydrating toner as the face mist?

Yes, a hydration toner gives your skin a hydration boost while leaving a refreshing effect. Hence, it can work as a face mist.

Q: Is hydrating mist the same as hydrating toner?

Hydrating toner helps balance skin pH levels and cleanse your skin for moisturisation, while a hydrating mist hydrates your skin with a refreshing glow.

Q: What goes first toner or hydrating mist?

A toner is used before hydrating mist.

Q: Is rose water a moisturising face mist?

Yes, rosewater has excellent hydrating and soothing qualities that work as a natural face mist.