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Perfume For Men

Perfume For Men

Buy Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Men Online On St.Botanica

A good perfume for men reflects his personality. If you are in search of the best perfume for men, look no further! St.Botanica has specially designed a set of luxury perfumes for men. These are long lasting perfumes for men that are derived from luxurious fragrance oils. 

The entire range of men’s Eau De Parfum has a variety of fragrances from earthy notes and citrus smell to woody scent. Explore the best men's perfume and pick your favourite.  

Types Of Perfume For Men

Here are some of the main premium fragrances when it comes to men’s body sprays. Read on to know more:

EDP Perfume For Men

Men’s Eau De Parfum has a 15-20% concentration of perfume oil. This means the best Eua De Parfum for men has a stronger smell compared to making it last long up to 8 hours. 

EDT Perfume For Men

EDT gents perfume usually has a lighter concentration of 5-10% fragrance oil. The fragrance is not at all overwhelming and best for men who love fresh and light fragrances. It lasts up to 4-5 hours which makes it best for everyday wear.

Deodorant/Body Spray for Men

Deodorants are used on the skin. It helps prevent bad body odour from sweating and even mask body smell. It also has antibacterial properties to kill bacteria to keep you fresh and light all day long.

Body Mist for Men

The best body mists for men are made from different fragrance notes like musk, woody, aquatic, or amber. It is specially designed to splash overall on the body to give you a charming and refreshing appeal.

Why Is Perfume For Men Necessary: Benefits

Perfume is not just to mask bad odors or smell good. Here are some of the top reasons why one should opt for a luxurious men's body spray:

  • The long lasting men perfume not only helps you smell good but also provides confidence.

  • Men body spray allows you to mask bad body odor and kill bacteria due to perspiration.

  • A body mist for men helps elevate your mood and establishes a sense of self-appeal.

  • Using luxury perfume for men helps reflect your personality.

  • Applying men parfum regularly makes you attractive.

What To Look For While Buying A Long Lasting Perfume For Men Online

If you’re confused about how to pick the right perfume for men, here are the quick checkpoints you need to keep in mind: 

  • A good perfume for men is made from premium fragrance oils.

  • A best body spray for men is devoid of any traces of phthalates, allergens, neurotoxins, or synthetic fragrances.

  • The best luxury perfumes for him are derived from imported fragrance oils. 

  • Make sure to do a small patch test on your forearms to ensure it doesn’t irritate your skin.

  • EDT and EDP perfume for men define the concentration of perfume oils as lighter to stronger scent. For fresh and light scent, EDT luxury perfumes are best whereas for long-lasting fragrance go for EDP perfume for him.

How To Use Perfume For Men

Using an exotic perfume for men is simply not enough. One needs to use the perfume correctly to smell amazing. Given below are some of the key pointers you need to know:

  • It is best to apply perfume on pulse points of the body such as wrist, elbow, behind the ear, neck lines and shoulder blades.

  • Do not rub but simply spritz to allow the perfume to last longer. 

  • Spray the perfume from 10-20 cm distance to distribute it evenly on desired areas. 

  • Do not overdo it! It might get you overwhelmed with the fragrance or even cause a headache.

  • First, spritz on the body and then on the clothes to prevent stains.

Best-Selling Luxury Perfume For Men Price List

If you’re looking to buy the best luxury perfumes for men or even a men fragrance gift set, we bring you an exclusive range. Here’s the entire list for you:

Last Updated: 20th April 2024

Buy The Best Perfume For Men Online And Other Self Care Products Online At St.Botanica

St.Botanica has recently launched a new set of luxury perfumes for women and men. These perfumes are IFRA certified and are derived from imported fragrance oils. It has the power to last long for upto 8 hours. Based on your taste and personality, you can get a unique range of luxury perfumes for men with woody scent, earthy notes and even citrus fragrance. 


Moreover, we also provide some of the best skincare products made from plant-based ingredients and essential oils. These skincare and self-care products are vegan, cruelty free and natural for everyday use.


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Q: Which is the best luxury perfume for men online?

St.Botanica’s Arabian Oud Perfume for Men is one of the best luxury perfumes available online.

Q: Is St.Botanica a luxury brand for men’s perfume?

Yes, St.Botanica has recently launched an exclusive range of perfume for men.

Q: Where to buy the best perfumes for men online with ease?

You can shop the newest collection of luxury perfumes made from imported fragrance oils only at St.Botanica online.

Q: Which is the long lasting perfume for men?

St.Botanica’s African Spice Eau De Parfum is the best long lasting perfume for men.