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Struggling with dull and greasy skin appearance? The main cause behind oily skin is excess sebum production. Worry not! This time we have got a vast collection of skincare products for oily skin. These products not only help balance sebum production but also prevent acne and keep it healthier.

St.Botanica uses premium botanical ingredients to curate oily skin products for daily use. All of these products are consciously formulated without any traces of harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances. Keep reading to explore more.

Oily Skin Products For Daytime Skincare

Wondering which is the best face care products for oily skin? Look no further. These are some of our top recommendations while upgrading your oily skincare routine for the daytime:

1# Face Wash For Oily Skin

One should use a gentle foaming face cleanser for oily skin to sweep off all the dirt and impurities on the skin. A good face wash with a built-in brush helps effectively clean up all the dirt and exfoliate pores to give an oil-free skin. 

2# Face Toner For Oily Skin

A hydrating face toner is best when it comes to oily face products. It helps balance sebum levels, tighten pores and prevent acne. It also helps restore skin pH levels and keep your skin hydrated after double cleansing.

3# Face Serum For Oily Skin

After using a toner, use a vitamin C face serum to take care of specific skin concerns like acne, oiliness, and pigmentation. Choose a lightweight natural face serum formula that sinks well into your skin.

4# Moisturiser For Oily Skin

You can use face gels for oily skin that have a hydrating and soothing consistency. These products have a water-based texture to even out skin tone, fight dullness and reduce shine on the face. You can top it off with a face mist for oily skin to ensure extended hydration and oil control.

5# Sunscreen For Oily Skin

Opt for a lightweight and fast-absorbing sunscreen for oily skin with broad spectrum protection of SPF 30 or 50 with PA+++.  Opt for aloe vera sunscreen that helps protect your skin and control greasiness as well.

Oily Skin Products For Nighttime Skincare

Here are some of the best products for greasy skin, that you should inculcate into your oily skin care routine for nighttime:

1# Serum For Oily Skin

You can use a face serum for oily skin with soothing and anti-pigmentation properties. Alternatively, a hydrating formula of serum with niacinamide, kojic acid, and salicylic acid is best for a nighttime skincare routine.

2# Retinol For Oily Skin

Retinol is a must for an oily skincare routine at night. It offers excellent anti-ageing benefits, balances moisture levels and ensures you wake up with hydrated skin.

Oily Skin Products For Weekly Skincare

Here are some of the oily skin care products one should incorporate into weekly skincare rituals. 

1# Face Scrub For Oily Skin

For oily skin type, one should scrub twice a week for best results. A natural face scrub is highly recommended for oily skincare products to shed off dead skin layers, control oiliness and prevent the risk of breakouts.

2# Face Mask For Oily Skin

One should incorporate an ubtan face mask for oily skin to help balance oil secretion on the face. It helps lighten pigmentation and fight acne leaving a mattifying finish on the face. It is one of the best products to add to the skincare routine for teens.

3# Sheet Mask For Oily Skin

It is best to use a sheet mask once a week for oily skin. Based on your oily skin concern of pigmentation, acne, dullness or greasiness you can pick one. It works as a bonus treatment to combat oily skin problems.

Best Ingredients For Oily Skin Care Products

If you’re confused about which the top ingredients one should look for in oily skin products, here’s a quick checklist for you:

Vitamin C

One of the prime ingredients used in formulating face care products for oily skin is vitamin C. It helps control excess oil production, tighten enlarged pores, and prevent breakouts. Opt for a vitamin C face wash or moisturiser to help keep your skin clear, clear, and healthy.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic ingredient in face cream for oily skin that doesn’t make your skin greasy plus offers enhanced nourishment.

Goji Berry Extracts

Goji berry is rich in antioxidants and vitamins which helps balance sebum production in the skin, keeping it healthy and nourished. It also helps lighten pimple marks and helps to get even skin tone.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help heal acne, control oiliness and add glow to your face. It has excellent detoxifying properties in oily skin care products to give your skin a refreshing feel.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the best ingredients to use for a summer skincare routine for oily skin. It helps keep your skin hydrated, control oiliness and soothe inflammation. You can use an aloe vera moisturiser to heal pimples and even out skin tone.


Cucumber feels intensely moisturising and cooling on the skin. It helps restore sebum balance, control acne and soothe post-acne inflammation. It helps rejuvenate your skin leaving a mattifying effect on the face.


Oily Skin Care Tips

Every oily skin needs extra care and love. Besides using face care products for oily skin, here are some of the skincare tips you need to keep in mind:


  • Eat more citrus fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals to keep your skin hydrated.

  • Cover your face whenever you step out. It protects the skin from air pollutants getting clogged into the pores resulting in acne.

  • Make sure to intake enough water daily. It is important to drink 3-4 litres of water during the day.

  • You must double-cleanse your skin to prevent pore congestion and acne problems. Use cleansing milk for oily skin to remove makeup followed by an aloe vera face cleanser.

  • Make sure to do your CTM routine twice a day in the morning and before bedtime.

Best Selling Oily Skin Products Price List 

Looking to buy the best skincare products for oily skin? We have curated a range of top-selling oily skin products with their prices. Get ready to pick your favourite:

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St.Botanica brings you the best products for oily skin. These products are naturally elevated using botanical science. All of these are curated to especially tackle oily skin concerns like greasiness, dullness, acne, and pigmentation. You can explore the entire range of aloe vera face masks, serums, natural sunscreen, and moisturisers for oily skin at St.Botanica.

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FAQs On Face Care Products For Oily Skin

What should I use for greasy skin?

One should follow a suitable skincare routine including foaming face wash, hydrating toner, gel-based moisturiser for summer, and oil-free sunscreen to take care of greasy skin.

How do skin care products for oily skin work?

Oily skin products are made using natural oil-control ingredients like vitamin C, goji berry, aloe vera, and cucumber extracts that helps balance sebum production and deal with all kind of oily skin problems. 

Which skin care products should I use if I have oily skin?

If you have oily skin, opt for gel-based or water-like face care products for oily skin. They are lightweight, quick-absorbing and don’t clog your pores.

Do you need to moisturise oily skin?

Yes, it is important to moisturise oily skin as well. No moisturising it works counterintuitively and produces more sebum making your skin greasy and dull.

Is face gel good for oily skin?

Face gel works best for oily skin to keep it hydrated and grease-free at the same time.

Which is the best face cream for an oily face?

St.Botanica’s Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Boost Face Gel is best for oily face.

Which face wash is best for oily skin for girls?

St.Botanica’s Natures Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash with Built-in Brush is best for oily skin for girls.

Are Vitamin C skin care products good for oily skin?

Yes, vitamin C infused skincare products are best for oily skin. It helps control excess oil secretion, hydrate the skin and prevent acne.

When should I apply face serum for oily skin?

One should use a face serum for oily skin during nighttime skincare routine.

Which is the best sunscreen for oily skin?

St.Botanica Vitamin C SPF 75 Dry Touch works best  for oily skin.

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