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Keratin Hair Mask

Keratin Hair Mask

Buy Best Keratin Hair Mask Online In India

Nothing is better than an organic hair care product to deeply condition dry and damaged hair. For this, all you need is a good Keratin hair mask to do the job of improving scalp health, add nourishment and prevent breakage. 

St.Botanica is a premium cruelty-free brand offering a wide range of Keratin Hair Mask filled with the goodness of all the natural ingredients making it safe to use on a regular basis. The Keratin Hair Mask range is made with the right blend vital components to nutrify your hair making them manageable and easier to style. All of these products are dermatologically tested having no parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, or harmful chemicals. What are you waiting for? Explore the Keratin Hair Mask range online and get the hair of your dreams!

Benefits Of Using Keratin Hair Mask

Hair masks are deep conditioning treatments to reduce frizz, restore hair moisture, take care of color treated hair, and add shine to it. Our exclusive range of hair masks made can be your go-to product to lengthen, nourish and promote hair growth.  

Here are some amazing benefits of using the keratin hair pack.

Keratin Hair Mask Promotes Healthy Hair And Growth

This Hair Pack For Hair Growth is a cruelty-free product made with the goodness of the Keratin protein to reduce hair frizziness and nutrify the hair scalp from within to boost hair growth. 

Keratin Hair Mask Reverses Hair Damage

The Keratin present inside the Keratin and Argan Oil Hair Mask control oil production of your scalp, replenish the nutrients deficiencies of your hair and repair damage caused due to excessive heat styling.

Keratin Hair Mask Restores Hair Moisture And Strength

This product has the richness of Keratin and other botanical ingredients offering a smooth hair therapy to minimize scalp redness, restores hair moisture, and strength. It tames the unruly hair to nourish the hair shafts without clogging the pores.

Keratin Hair Mask Adds Shine And Smoothness To Hair

The hero ingredient of this hair mask is Keratin Protein nourishes the hair cells of the locks and makes it super-manageable. The essential ingredients present in keratin protein hair pack protects the hair from pollution, makes it soft, shiny and smooth at the same time.

Keratin Hair Mask Hydrates Dull, Dry & Color Treated Hair

Adding a Keratin Hair mask to your hair care regime can be the biggest blessing. This hair mask revives your hair and improves scalp health, prevents pollution damage, and pampers color treated hair leaving them hydrated for long. 

How To Apply Keratin Hair Mask?

The Keratin Hair Mask is a natural product with no harmful chemicals. It is super easy to apply and makes it easy to remove the knots after a hair wash. Here are some of the quick steps you need to follow while using the keratin hair mask to achieve desirable results.

These three steps will be your easiest way to get smooth and shiny hair.

Step 1: Oil Massage Your Hair

Make sure to pamper your scalp with a good scalp massage. Massage your scalp for about 5-10 minutes, before proceeding to apply the chosen hair oil through the entire length of your hair. Keep the oil on for about a few hours. You can also keep it overnight.

Step 2: Shampoo Your Hair

Wash your hair with St.Botanica Pro Keratin Hair Shampoo. This keratin shampoo is not only mild and natural but will also leave your hair nourished and healthy. Devoid of harsh chemicals, this Keratin Hair shampoo is the best way to cleanse your hair. Wet your hair thoroughly and apply a generous amount of shampoo. Gently massage your scalp for a few minutes to cleanse all the dirt and grime. Wash your hair with plenty of water. 

Step 3: Lather Keratin Hair Mask

Once you are done with oiling and cleansing, it’s time to seal in all the moisture. Apply the Keratin Hair Mask on damp hair from roots to tips and leave the hair mask for 12-15 minutes. Gently massage in small circular motions and you will have healthy, softer and more manageable hair. Use the keratin hair mask on a regular basis for better results. 

Best Selling Keratin Hair Mask Price List 

For different hair problems and types, St.Botanica has formulated a wide range of Keratin Protein Hair masks. It contains the right mixture of various organic ingredients offering the benefits of Hydration, Nourishment, Anti-hair fall, Anti-frizz, Hair Growth, and Color-care. 

All of the keratin protein hair masks are made with necessary ingredients to balance the hydration and moisture levels in your hair. Explore and buy the best Keratin Protein hair mask online available at best prices from St.Botanica.

Last Updated: 28th May 2024

About St.Botanica Keratin Hair Mask

St.Botanica’s Keratin Hair masks are made to combat common hair problems such as dullness, breakage, hair fall, and damaged hair. The right mix of Keratin Protein and other vital ingredients helps boost hair growth, improve hair texture and smoothness. It has all the necessary essential oils and natural elements to add shine, strength, and straightness to your hair.

This Keratin Hair Mask is an exclusive category launched by St.Botanica. All the products are dermatologically tested, vegan, cruelty-free, and organically made with no harmful substances like parabens, mineral oils, or sulfates. 

Buy Keratin Hair Mask And Other Keratin Hair Care Products Online From St.Botanica

St.Botanica is a vegan brand that is known for its authentic and cruelty-free self care products. Indulge in the most luxurious quality of hair care and self care products with us. We have a dedicated team of cosmetic scientists to create a premium range of products for various categories of hair care, bath & body, skincare, and wellness. Catch up more about the brand St.Botanica and new product launches on our Hair Care Blog. Subscribe to St.Botanica YouTube Channel and stay tuned to learn more about skincare, haircare, beauty, and wellness. Start shopping for the best keratin hair masks and other hair care products on Online Shopping App.

Q: What is a keratin hair mask?

The Keratin hair mask is made with the richness of keratin protein and conditioning ingredients to restore loss protein in your hair and strengthen it. To get thicker and gorgeous hair, you can also try this unique formulation of Biotin and Collagen Hair mask at St.Botanica.

Q: Is keratin mask good for hair?

Yes, the Keratin hair mask is ideal for frizzy, dry and color treated hair. It is used to make your hair healthy, softer, and more manageable after shampooing your hair. The natural components prevent unwanted hair loss, balances hydration and moisture-levels.

Q: Which keratin mask is best for hair?

You can explore a wide range of keratin hair masks online. Try out the all new range of Keratin Hair Mask at St.Botanica Go Anti Frizz Hair Mask, Go Long Onion Hair Mask, Go Anti Hair Fall Hair Mask, and Pro Keratin & Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask.

Q: Is a keratin mask good for thin hair?

Yes, absolutely. Our Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask is formulated with the right blend of keratin protein, Shea butter, Vitamin E, and other hair nourishing ingredients to improve its natural texture, nutrify and strengthen your hair.