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How To Use Hair Mask? Step By Step Guide

How To Use Hair Mask

Your hair undergoes so much every day. It’s only wise to shower your hair with some attention and pampering that it so rightly deserves. Using a hair mask is the best way to strengthen your tresses and provide your scalp with essential nutrients. A hydrating hair mask is a blend of natural ingredients that provides nourishment to your scalp and deep conditions your strands. 


If you want to breathe life into your hair and transform it into smooth and luscious locks, then using a hair mask is your best bet. Applying a hair mask improves hair texture, reduces hair breakage, and helps to grow hair faster. Here’s how to use a hair mask correctly and the benefits of using it. 

What Is A Hair Mask?

A hair mask is just like a face mask. Except that, it’s meant for your hair. It is like an intense conditioner to pamper and moisturise dry hair. By applying a hair mask, you can heal and strengthen your strands. 

How To Apply Hair Mask In The Right Way?

Following a step-by-step guide on how to use hair mask can really help you pamper your strands. Here’s how to apply a hair mask to get the best results. 

How To Apply Hair Mask – Step 1: Oiling

Make sure to pamper your scalp with a good scalp massage using oil. Massage your scalp for about 5-10 minutes to stimulate blood circulation. Proceed to apply the hair oil to your strands. Keep the oil on for about a few hours or overnight. 

How To Apply Hair Mask – Step 2: Shampoo 

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo which is natural and leaves your hair nourished. Choose a sulphate free shampoo to cleanse your hair. 

How To Apply Hair Mask – Step 3: Hair Mask

Once your hair has dried, go ahead and apply a hair mask evenly on your scalp and hair strands. Keep the mask on for 20-30 minutes. Proceed to wash your hair afterwards.  

How To Apply Hair Mask – Step 4: Conditioner 

Once you are done with all this, it’s time to seal in all the moisture. Use the best hair conditioner to complete your hair care routine. Apply it on your wet strands to prevent frizz and flyaways afterwards. 

St.Botanica Recommends Best Hair Masks for Healthy & Shiny Hair

Looking for a hair mask? St.Botanica brings to you the best hair masks for healthy and lustrous locks. 

Australian Tea Tree Hair Mask, 200ml


St.Botanica Australian Tea Tree Hair Mask can help prevent hair damage caused because of environmental stressors. This hair mask is suitable for all hair types and can give you a stronger and healthier mane.


Ingredients: Tea Tree Essential Oil, Peppermint Oil, Ginger Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil 



  • Will give you healthier and stronger hair.

  • Reduces hair breakage and damage.

  • Adds shine to dull hair strands.

Bhringraj & Amla Hair Mask, 200ml


St.Botanica Bhringraj & Amla Hair Mask can make your hair healthier and stronger. It can also help get rid of dry and brittle hair while promoting healthy hair growth. 


Ingredients: Bamboo, Neem, Bhringraj, Amla 



  • The intense hair growth mask delivers all the effective nutrients to the strands to help prevent premature breakage and greying. 

  • Fights sun damage and dandruff. 

  • Makes strands softer after every use. 

  • Repairs damage and makes hair manageable.

Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Hair Mask, 200ml

St.Botanica Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Hair Mask moisturises and smoothens your hair. It lends a helping hand to repair and soften your hair. 


Ingredients: Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Keratin, Shea Butter, Bhringraj



  • Helps repair damage and prevent hair breakage.

  • Improves overall hair health. 

  • This keratin hair mask provides intense nourishment for healthier, shinier, and straighter hair. 

  • Makes your strands luscious and strong. 

  • Controls frizz and makes hair manageable.

Moroccan Argan Hair Mask, 200ml


St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Mask is a rich and moisturising mask that combines the goodness of natural ingredients to help lend extraordinary softness to your strands. 

Ingredients: Moroccan Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, Oat Protein, Vitamin E, Rose Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil 


  • Helps restore elasticity and smoothness in your hair strands. 

  • Makes your hair smooth and frizz-free.

  • Adds moisture to strands. 

  • Helps prevent hair damage and takes care of the shaft as well as the mane.

  • Promotes hair growth.

Go Anti Frizz Hair Mask, 200 g


St.Botanica Go Anti Frizz Hair Mask quenches the thirst of your strands. The effective combination of natural ingredients will replenish your tresses and leave you with a gorgeous mane.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Keratin



  • Prevents breakage.

  • Hydrates the strands and helps retain their elasticity.

  • Makes hair easy to detangle and reduces hair breakage. 

  • It also makes them easy to manage. 

How To Choose The Best Hair Mask For Your Hair Type?

Before buying a hair mask, always be mindful of a few things. Here are some crucial things to consider before you choose a hair mask for yourself. 

Hair Mask For Dry & Frizzy Hair

A hair mask to combat frizz should contain deep-conditioning natural oils such as Moroccan argan oil and onion oil. A hair mask for dry hair should be capable of controlling frizzy hair and making your hair smooth and soft. 

Hair Mask For Hair Growth

The presence of moisturising ingredients like natural oils goes a long way in promoting hair growth. Conditioning natural oils in homemade hair packs for hair growth provide your scalp with all the nutrients it needs to promote healthy hair growth. 

Hair Mask For Dandruff

Chemicals like silicones, sulphates, mineral oils, and parabens leave your scalp itchy. Hence, choosing a chemical-free product for your hair is the best way to deal with dryness and dandruff. Go for a natural formulation in DIY hair mask for dandruff which contains ingredients like bhringraj, amla, and tea tree oil. 

Benefits Of Using A Hair Mask

A hair mask is your best solution when it comes to strengthening your hair and promoting hair growth. If you are looking to add a natural hair pack to your hair care regime then Here are some amazing hair mask benefits

1) Hair Mask Promotes Hair Growth

Endowed with the benefits of best ingredients for hair growth, a good hair mask can nourish the scalp and ensure that your scalp receives all the essential nutrients it needs to promote hair growth. A healthy and hydrated scalp is crucial for hair growth. 

2) Hair Mask Prevents Frizz

A natural hair mask should lock in moisture and prevent frizz. Applying a hair mask after washing your hair will lead to softer and more manageable hair. This will also ensure tangle-free hair. 

3) Hair Mask Repairs Damage

Heat-styling and colouring can damage your strands. A hair mask will pamper your hair with a dose of nutrients to repair hair damage and reveal luscious locks. 

4) Hair Mask Minimises Hair Fall & Breakage

A hair mask reduces hair breakage and hair fall, and they are your answer to how to cure split ends. Such hair masks deeply hydrate your hair and provide them with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Incorporating hair masks into your hair care routine will ensure a reduction in hair fall. 


There are many benefits of hair masks. Using the right hair mask can really help nourish your scalp and promote hair growth too. Ingredients like Moroccan argan oil, keratin, amla, bhringraj, and tea tree oil really moisturise your scalp and strands. Using a mask in the right way can help you attain healthy strands. 

FAQs On How To Use Hair Mask

How often should you use a hair mask?

It’s best to use a hair mask once or twice a week. This will ensure that your hair receives all the hydration it needs, leaving your hair healthy and frizz-free. 

Can you leave a hair mask on too long?

It is advised to wash your hair 20-30 minutes after applying a hair mask. Leaving a mask too long on your hair can dry out your strands. 

How long should I leave the hair mask on?

Generously apply the mask to your strands and wait for about 20-30 minutes. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo for daily use afterwards.

Should you use a hair mask before or after shampooing?

Use a hair mask after washing your hair. Make sure to use a hair mask on cleansed scalp. After applying the mask, wash your hair with lukewarm water. 


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