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GO Long Onion Hair Mask, 200 g

GO Long Onion Hair Mask, 200 g

Lengthens, Nourishes & Promotes Growth

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GO Long Onion Hair Mask, 200 g

GO Long Onion Hair Mask, 200 g ₹506₹675

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Lengthen, hydrate & deeply nourish your hair with Onion Oil, 1% Caffeine, 1% Panax Ginseng, 2% Hydrolyzed Keratin and other plant-based oils & extracts. It will help enhance the hair texture, strengthen hair strands & reduce hair breakage. The product contains premium quality ingredients. It is free from harmful chemicals and does not contain Silicones, Mineral Oils and Parabens. It is suitable for all hair types.

Our Hair Mask is a combination of the essential ingredients that add deep hydration to your hair and scalp. Onion Oil is rich in sulphur that helps strengthen hair strands. 1% Caffeine penetrates the hair follicles and strengthens hair roots as well as the hair shafts. 1% Panax Ginseng helps nourish the roots & lengthen hair. 2% Hydrolyzed Keratin restores damaged hair & makes them stronger. Goodness of other ingredients such as Vitamin B5, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado & other help make your hair long & flaunt worthy. Revive your weak hair strands & strengthen your roots with St.Botanica GO Long Hair Mask. It is a nourishing Hair Mask that deeply hydrates & conditions the hair, leaving you with caress-worthy long tresses.

Whats Inside?

  • 2% Hydrolyzed Keratin: Keratin manages hair strands and makes them smoother. It eases the detangling process as well.
  • 1% Caffeine: Caffeine helps promote hair growth straight from the roots and makes hair healthier & longer
  • 1% Panax Ginseng: Panax Ginseng helps strengthen hair from the roots, which in turn prevents hair thinning & breakage
  • Onion Oil: Onion is rich in sulphur that helps strengthen the strands and keeps them healthy & strong in the long run. It also helps promote thicker hair growth.

Plant Based Oils & Extracts

The combination of Plant oils & extracts are natural and safe for your mane. They promote thicker growth and leave you with a glossier mane.

Easy Steps For Longer Hair

It takes time & efforts to lengthen hair strands. We offer a wide range of products with premium natural and Science backed ingredients that can help you strengthen hair from the roots to prevent breakage and attain longer hair of your choice.

  • Use GO Long Hair Oil once every week
  • Wash with GO Long Hair Shampoo twice or thrice a week
  • Use GO Long Hair Conditioner after every wash
  • Apply GO Long Hair Mask once a week
  • Use our Hair Revival Serum as well to improve hair growth

What Our Hair Mask Doesnt Do?

Replace Oiling Sessions: Our products contain essential ingredients to maintain their efficacy. But none of them can replace the benefits of regular oiling.

Alter Hair Care regimen: You need to make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle and practise eating healthy to get longer hair strands.

Similar Results for all: The results will vary depending on your unique hair chemistry. Certain ingredients can be beneficial for some and not for all.

Size: 200 ML

Manufacturer detail:

Naturis Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd 1, EPIP, SIDCO Industrial Complex, Bari Brahmana, Jammu- 181 133, Jammu & Kashmir

Country of Origin:


Disclaimer: We recommend carrying out a patch test

Important: All the products shipped will have a shelf life of minimum 6 months

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this is a hair mask that gives the power of onion, caffeine, and other nutrients to your scalp! use once a week for best results!

14th Jul, 2023


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